Turn Your Cat Into a Quad-Rotor RC Helicopter

Posted on June 3, 2012 9:03 pm

[Via Technabob]

The guy’s cat died, so he outfitted little Orville with rotors and landing skids and turned him into a helicopter:

[YouTube direct link] (Viewer #77,216)

At first I thought “this is sick and wrong.”

Then I thought about what I’ve done with my dead cats. Usually either bury them in the flower bed or just let the vet send them to the rendering plant after they get put down.

There was also the time when I planted the dearly departed in a secret Micmac Indian burial ground, but I really don’t like to talk about that.

So I realized that turning your late animal companion into a cool toy might not be the worst thing you can do.

Also, Orville made a herd of cows panic and scatter [2:25]. How many cats get to do that?

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20 Responses to “Turn Your Cat Into a Quad-Rotor RC Helicopter”

  1. zzyzx says:

    DamnCat avert your eyes!

  2. Jimmy says:

    No! That IS DamnCat!!!

    Damn, he’s dehydrated. Poor kitteh.

  3. Keln says:

    I hate cats, but cat-o-copter is awesome.

  4. DamnCat says:

    Note to this guy’s mother: Get someone else, anyone else, to be your executor.

  5. DamnCat says:

    “So I realized that turning your late animal companion into a cool toy might not be the worst thing you can do.”

    Not exactly the gold standard for suitable behavior is it, Harvey?

  6. Harvey says:

    Ok, it’s the aluminum foil standard, but I embrace it.

  7. Charles says:

    IMAO guys, when I log onto to one of my favorite sites, I would really rather not see people doing awful things to a poor dead cat. Really.

  8. proof says:

    I think that was the theme from “Airwolf” playing after lift off. Pretty cool!
    And some field mice are having some pretty weird nightmares tonight!

  9. Charles says:

    And it’s not as if this is even a recent online atrocity. It’s been around forever. It’s like in the early seventies when I kept dodging “Devil Times Five/Peopletoys” at the drive-in theater knowing I absolutely did not want to see this thing, but they changed the title about five times until they caught me with a vaguely tasteful sounding generic horror movie moniker. I know, I didn’t click on the video, but it spoiled my mood enough to know the crucified flying kitty was hidden behind the door.

  10. Chicago Cindy says:

    I figured this vid would be great when the interview started off, “Yeah, that’s my cat!” and the reporter replies.. “That WAS your cat!” Right then and there, I knew I had to watch this cat fly!

  11. Harvey says:

    Charles – don’t worry, IMAO is not turning into the homepage for “101 Uses for a Dead Cat.”

    If it’s not to your taste, hopefully we’ll have something else posted by the next time you stop by that’s more to your liking.

    For the record, I’ve owned cats since I was 5 years old, I can’t imagine living without one, and I would never personally consider this option for one of my cats.

  12. Charles says:

    OK, thanks. But this guy has the tone of, what do I do with THIS dead cat? How many cats has he had die on him? The two cats I’ve had pass away were both 19 years old.

  13. Son of Bob says:

    Foreigners do the damndest things…

  14. IMAO » Blog Archive » Frank J. Birthday Week: 15 Fun Facts About Frank J. links:

    […] Turn Your Cat Into a Quad-Rotor RC Helicopter […]

  15. Keln says:

    As cool as the cat-o-copter is, I think a dog-fighter jet would be even more awesome. Just imagine chasing a mailman with it.

  16. Harvey says:

    Keln – and now we know what Frank’s going to do with Rowdi someday…

  17. Dohtimes says:

    Strangely enough, you are just now no longer on Laurence Simon’s Christmas card list. It was even stranger when you were on it.

  18. Burmashave says:

    I never thought I’d see a real flycat.

  19. silaS marreD says:

    Was this a page in “101 Uses for a Dead Cat”? That was my favorite book for a few months when I was 11 years old but I have not thought of it since then.

  20. badmartin says:

    I don’t know what gibberish they are speaking but at :38 it is unmistakeable: “ya, dish ish mine kaht” “deht VAZ yow kaht.”

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