Very Disturbing New World Record

A New York man set a new world record for the longest burp after drinking 2 gallons of soda.

Note to Mayor Bloomberg: Chill, dude. He drank it 16 ounces at a time.

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  1. Harvey, if I had a burp that long, I’d have to check my shorts afterwards just to be safe.

    (This might be too much information for a Saturday morning, I don’t know.)


  2. it’s comforting to know that while most of us waste our days working earning money and being productive members of society there are still those out there that spend their time perfecting their 2 minute belch. I wonder how much that gig pays. I’m sure it must be a lot because perfecting something like that takes years of dedication. The product endorsements alone must be worth millions. I’m sure this isn’t a skill you develop just sitting on your ass drinking all day.



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