What It’s Really Like to Be an Obama Intern

WASHINGTON (AP) – In a new video released by the Obama campaign, several campaign interns revealed what it’s like to be part of the historic push to make Barack Obama America’s first black reelected president.

As a reward for her hard work, President Obama personally teaches ‘Katie’ how to fake-smile for photo-ops – better work on that faux-sincere eye-crinkle, ‘Katie’!

“When I first found out I was going to be an intern here at OFA [Obama for America],” said ‘Katie’, “it was just an honor to know that I was going to be working for the President. Turns out you can’t spend honor. I’m so hungry. Can I have part of your lunch?”

Finance Intern ‘Rafi’ said, “Even though you have ‘intern’ on your name tag, you’re a lot more than that. You’re actually part janitor, part gofer, and part barista. Also, when your internship is complete, you get promoted to 1/32 Cherokee.”

Operation Vote Intern ‘Jaha’ opined, “You’re really part of a cause that is larger than yourself, and I feel like that every day I come here. Kinda like Occupy Wall Street, except with less pepper-spray in the ol’ peepers. Well… MOST days.”

‘Rafi’ chimed in again, “You are so valued by the team here, and given real responsibility. Just the other day, I was personally selected to empty Debbie Wasserman Schultz’s drool cup. Sounds gross, I know, but at least it’s easier than running Biden’s anti-gaffe shock-collar. Man! Your finger’s just DEAD the next day!”

“I’ve had a lot of internships,” added ‘Katie’ enthusiastically, “but nothing has ever been like this. We really are one big family. Just like the Mansons!”

[IMAO Ace Reporter Les of Brick Moon contributed to this article.]


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  1. “Debbie Wasserman Schultz’s drool cup” … usually full of diarrhea of the mouth caused by diverticulitis of the brain in an often fatal cranial – rectal inversion syndrome.


  2. Just like the Mansons!

    The coffee was sprayed into the keyboard on that one. Nice going, Harvey.



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