10 Years of IMAO

Posted on July 9, 2012 11:00 am

Wow. Today marks ten years of IMAO. When I started out I was twenty-three and a bachelor living in Florida, just some dingus who decided to put his view online, and now I’m thirty-three and married with a daughter in Idaho and I’m a published author and get published in an actual newspaper. It’s been quite a journey, and I wonder if we have any readers who have been with us all ten years. Probably not, because by most accounts I got much less funny over time and had to downgrade to less discriminating readers.

So what were those ten years like? Well, here’s what I remember. IMAO was started on July 9th, 2002, on blogspot. On August 15th, 2002, I put up the Nuke the Moon essay, widely considered my last original idea. On October 7th, 2002, IMAO was moved to its own URL, IMAO.us, since IMAO.com was owned by a Korean handle manufacturer. Soon after I had a slogan contest and adopted the slogan “Unfair. Unmedicated. Unbalanced.” To celebrate the new slogan, I stopped taking my medication. It was about that time that time a new commenter named “Harvey” appeared. And then the next nine years were kind of a blur. And then it was today.

Well, I guess a few more things happened than that. I mean, I’ve been blogging like every week day for ten years. I have like a million billion posts now, and I don’t even remember most of them. Like look at this one from 2003. I totally don’t remember it. What was I even talking about? Who was Richard Gephardt?

I guess you could probably piece together the last ten years of America’s political history just by reading through the archives here and at the previous version of the site. There’s probably a lot more strangling there than recorded elsewhere.

Anyway, I plan to keep up blogging for another ten years, as this blog has already brought me so much. Like remember when I had that scam where I had a contest for a “t-shirt babe” to find if I had any attractive readers and it totally worked and now we’ve been married since 2005? And then there were those podcasts we did which were a lot of work but were good memories.

And who knows what I’ll be blogging in the future. Over the next ten years, I plan to become the most famous political pundit and also a best-selling novelist. So ten years from now, my posting here will be even more stale, but each post will get like a hundred praising comments anyway because I’ll be famous and people will want to suck up to me. At least that’s my goal.

So, thank you so much to everyone who has read me throughout these ten years. I had a few things to say, and just needed an audience to say it to. And then it eventually became about how can I make more money through writing. And then I made more money. That’s why America is so awesome: freedom of speech and cash prizes. And now we continue onward as normal… except now I have this new phrase “In my ten years of blogging, I never…” I can use when I want to act outraged by something.

Be honorable, ronin. I forget where that comes from.


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23 Responses to “10 Years of IMAO”

  1. Asianeyes704 says:


  2. Son of Bob says:

    Congrats Frank! Ten years is a very long time. I wonder how long that is in Obama years. The last three years under Obama seem like 15 years, so I guess you’ve been blogging for like 50 Obama years!

  3. Jimmy says:

    You’ve been downgraded to a B+, Frank, right during the Obama administration.

    Oh, and less discriminating readers are less racist than more discriminating readers which you had when you were more funnier. But I wouldn’t know about that because I’ve only been reading you for half your blogging life. So I’m like a less discriminating, half-life reader of your good, solid, B+ material. Except when my keyboard shorts out from coffee and I have to clean the acid stains from my monitor. Then, you get an ‘E’ (for Erroneous!!).

  4. Burmashave says:

    Probably not, because by most accounts I got much less funny over time and had to downgrade to less discriminating readers.

    I’d take offense, but hell, I’m not very discriminating.

    Congratulations, my man.

  5. Ernie Loco says:

    Hmm, I’ve only been reading IMAO since 2007, but that’s half the life of your blogging career. Plus I read through a bunch of the archives back then including In My World, Super Ego, Newish Fakery, the podcasts, and a bunch of random other stuff. I came for the Fred Thompson shirt, and I haven’t left yet.

    Well congratz on 10 years of blogging, Frank! What’s really impressive is that you’ve managed to blog consistently while maintaining a real job. I think every other blog I read is run by full time bloggers; most part timers can’t measure up to the quality* seen here at IMAO.

    (*note, quality does not include spelling, punctuation, or other grammar errors, although I’ve noticed a decrease in those as well in the past couple years.)

  6. Mxymaster says:

    I’m so glad you continued to lower your quality until you got to me, around 2010. Good job!

  7. Ussjimmycarter says:

    It’s not that we have become less dis… I can no longer spell those big words! It’s that we have become dumber with each post! Now they have found Higgs Boson and I am too dumb to know why it matters so who cares! Congrats Frank J and thanks for the funny! I am still here when Sarah dumps you and needs ” a shoulder to cry on”!

  8. BillyRayBob says:

    I just took my time machine into the future to see where your blogging will take you in another 10 years.
    Dude!… you go totally bald in the future! HAHAHAHA!

  9. Pug Mahon says:

    Ten years. Holy cow. That means I’ve been wandering around this blog for almost 8 of those years. IMAO and AoSHQ are my drugs of choice. Thanks for showing us the humorous side of what is often a very stupid time to be alive.

  10. Jimmy says:

    Higgs will walk you home from Hillary’s hotel room, ussjc – and – help you maintain your mass!

  11. Tim says:

    Reader since ’04 says thanks for the writing and keep up the good work. Will we see anymore “In my worlds.”

  12. thehat says:

    Thanks Dude. You done good.

  13. hatless in hattiesburg says:

    “And then the next nine years were kind of a blur. And then it was today.” – same here dude!


  14. FormerHostage says:

    What’s that in dog years?

  15. TheRoyalFamily says:

    I remember the t-shirt babe contest. I think that’s why I came here. The shirts, I mean.

    My government teacher let us put up political posters, and I stole borrowed a bunch of designs from cafepress and the like, including the designs for IMAO shirts (yah, there used to be more than just the Nuke the Moon shirt). Needless to say, the conservative stuff was much more witty than the puffery the libs in the class (all the girls, no surprise) could find.

    So yah, it really was the shirts.

  16. sarahk says:

    I started reading you in 2004, a couple months before the find a wifet-shirt babe contest. Thank goodness Harvey wasn’t the only judge, or we never would have gotten married.

  17. Burmashave says:

    @FormerHostage: 10. Dogs go around the sun as fast as people do.

  18. RAML says:

    Reader since Donald Rumsfeld time. Keep it up.

  19. Fly says:

    Happy Birthday, IMAO! Thanks for the laughs. And wifery ideas.

  20. Son of Bob says:

    Burma, In Kenya some dogs don’t get to live to the age of 10.

  21. CarolyntheMommy says:

    Happy Anniversary, IMAO! Sorry I forgot and didn’t buy you anything special. Don’t expect any nookie, either.

  22. rodney dill says:


  23. Bad Science says:

    And it appears voting is still enabled on the old site – cool! I don’t remember who that guy is either, but the Executive Order thing is kind of relevant right now so I gave it a five.

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