Warren’s 1/16th Mom Doesn’t Claim Heritage That 1/32 Elizabeth Does

NO_MO_BAMA [High Praise!] pointed me to Thoughts From Polly’s Granddaughter, who’s all over the issue of Elizabeth Warren’s heritage, with documentation to back it up:

Ms. Warren’s mother is never found as anything but white in documentation.

Pauline Louise Reed, the mother of Ms. Warren, was the child of Harry G. Reed and Bethania “Hannie” Crawford. She was born in Hughes County, Oklahoma, on February 14, 1912. She was found on the 1920 US Census living in Hickory Ridge, Okfuskee County, Oklahoma with her parents and siblings, race listed as white.

She was found on the 1930 US Census living in Wetumka, Hughes County, Oklahoma with her parents, race listed as white.

She married Don Herring on January 2, 1932 in Hughes County, Oklahoma. She was found on the 1940 US Census living in Wetumka, Hughes County, Oklahoma with her husband and children, race listed as white. She died July 18, 1995.

Now does that look like someone who was “so Cherokee” they had to elope?

See also:

Elizabeth Warren herself listed “Aunt Bea” as White on death certificate.

Fauxcahontas family documented white since 1858

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  1. But, but, her cheekbones are so HIGH! Besides, all the ancestors on her mother’s side are all raaaaaacist. That’s why they self-identified as white; they are sefl-hating Indians. Yeah, that’s it.


  2. Warren is really good entertainment, but just keep reminding yourself that Massachusetts reelected a murderer year after year after year.


  3. Let’s see, Elizabeth’s father was Donald Herring, and her ancestors were Cherokee, so is that where we get the term “Red Herring” from?



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