What Are Your IMAO Memories?

Posted on July 9, 2012 1:00 pm

So what do you remember from ten years of IMAO? And what are your favorite posts?

And why don’t you go through the archives here and at the old version of the site and try and find some forgotten gems and post them in the comments here. I’d do it, but you probably aren’t as busy and important as me.

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23 Responses to “What Are Your IMAO Memories?”

  1. John says:

    I loved all the Fred Facts, and the John Edwards Fabulous Facts.

  2. Elvenbane says:

    I loved the Hellbender story. It got weird towards the end, but I still enjoyed it.

    [One day I plan to revisit that and rewrite it from scratch as a full novel since I love those characters. I’ll probably make it more a straight comedy, though. But first I’m going to get Superego published. -Ed.]

  3. Eric Praline says:

    I enjoyed The Limey and the scary liberal monkey that always threatened to bite off our faces.

    [He threatened to eat your eyeballs and turn them into poo and then throw the poo at you. Get your facts straight. -Ed.]

  4. The Gentleman Punk says:

    The liberal monkey was awesome, a bit frightening though and it made me wish for a plushy of the Rumsfeld Strangler.

    Shameless plug but I have a story on my site about a business woman in need of some help here http://thegentlemanpunk.blogspot.com/2012/07/good-cause-part-2.html . Hope you don’t mind Frank.

  5. slapout says:

    The podcast. Gotta be the podcasts. Esp the one where Space Monkey invented the time machine.

  6. Jimmy says:

    If I think about it long enough, I can still make myself laugh just thinking about your Olbermann YouTube and how much fun you must have had making it – and how much you must despise that bastard. And those 2007-8 Romney videos cracked me up. And your stick art. And Scary Evil Monkey (where’d he go?). And your In My World (particularly about Cheney and Rumsfeld). And Harvey’s Newish Fakery – more succinct and regular than Burge’s stuff since he’s rebuilding cars all the time. And where the hell is Basil these days?!

    You’re just goofier than snöt, Frnak! (Or deer guts on a doorknob, whichever is funnier.)

  7. Silverfiddle says:

    My favorites were the Bush stories. I loved the one where he and Cheney vandalized the French Embassy car (or was it Kerry’s? I get them confused…

  8. Silverfiddle says:

    The Lime Turns Sour was also a good one. I can’t get “stiupid bastrad” out of my head!

  9. Tin Man says:

    I loved the article where you said we should bomb countries then leave because nation building is gay.

  10. storm1911 says:

    The Olberman clip is a classic, along with the “In My World”s. What the world needs now is the retrurn of the Rumsfeld Strangler and his Death Robot trained to kill enemies of America, especailly reporters.

  11. DamnCat says:

    There were several where everyone weighed in on what to name baby Buttercup. Here’s one.

    I still like my suggestion of “First! Fleming”.

  12. buckhorn_cortez says:

    Arafat returning his Nobel prize because it was worthless after Jimmy Carter got one.

    We need the return of Chomps….I see Eric Holder being chased by Chomps…the dog that gets angry at the sky….

  13. buckhorn_cortez says:

    Oh yeah…The Limey….maybe an Encore Presentation….The Limey and Chomps meet Eric Holder….

  14. buckhorn_cortez says:

    It could be a Stupiud Bastrad Production….

  15. Keln says:

    Of the ones I remember, I liked the one about building a Death Star, then blowing up Venus.

  16. Eric James Stone says:

    I’ve always liked the “In My World” posts, but my all-time favorite post is the brillian “If Muslims Want to Improve Their Image, More of Them Need to Be Violent.”

  17. shane says:


    Best post on this site. Ever.

  18. Drew says:

    Favorite tag: “Fred Thompson”

  19. sarahk says:

    I remember the first IMAO post I ever read: Know Thy Enemy: Brushfires. High-larious.

  20. Terry_Jim says:

    Wearing my “Nuke The Moon” T shirt to the Iowa State Fair last year,
    and getting a thumbs-up and “Cool shirt,man.” from an aged long haired hippie.
    “You should check out the website, IMAO.US.”
    “I will.Thanks!”

  21. Son of Bob says:

    I remember back before Al Gore invented the Interwebs, and Frank J would type his blog using an old Royal typewriter and lots of sheets of paper with carbon paper stuck in between. And then they would be stapled and mailed, and each time you received a new IMAO in the mailbox you’d have to type a witty response with a bunch of paper and carbon paper stuck in between and mail them back. But, we didn’t mind. It was only a penny for a stamp, and back then the post office actually delivered mail without first destroying it, and your neighborhood postman was mildly friendly.

    Nukes were hard to come by and no one believed you could ever really get to the moon, so Frank J just envisioned dropping a really big bomb on Trenton, New Jersey. Still a viable option should nuking the moon ultimately prove impossible.

    Of course, back then liberals believed in tax cuts and killing foreigners who wanted to go to war with us, and there was no such thing as political correctness, so our disagreements were not nearly as severe. Nonetheless, Frank would blog about the New Deal, using quotes and analogies from Guy Lombardo, Red Skelton or Amos & Andy and it was quite hilarious. Those were good times…good times.

  22. Ernie Loco says:

    Some of my favorite IMAO posts were the Fred Thompson facts, Know Thy Enemy, and Newish Fakery. But the whole Limey saga may be the best overall.

    However I think I’m going to have to stick with my all time favorite being the one where Petraeus beats up a reporter for being a moron.

  23. Bad Science says:

    I will always remember “Frank The Artist” and “Hate Filled Lefty” getting beat to a pulp (by even Sarah K. if I remember correctly), or terrorists getting reduced to small piles of smoldering ashes by S.M.I.T.E.
    Also, your treatment of The Limey was epic, and of course the “Nuke the Moon” post was fantastic and why I check to see what’s new here every day.

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