Where Are They Now?

I’ve had a number of cobloggers here at IMAO, so I thought as part of the tenth blogiversary, it would be nice to look back on what’s happened with all of them.


Spacemonkey: Dead
Laurence Simon: Dead
SarahK: Married
Right Wing Duck: Dead
Harvey: Wisconsin
Basil: Dead
Mr. Right: I don’t know who he is
Cadet Happy: Whereabouts unknown, but if found, will be made dead

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  1. Why do I get the feeling you’re trying to “get a rise” out of some of your dead cobloggers, Frank?

    And SarahK… married? Not to some blogger, I hope.

    BVW, some famous and very funny commenters are also dead. For example, Jimmer, Jimmie, Jamie, Jim-Jim, Jimbo, plain Jim and and master James are all Dead, Jim. I, Jimmy, am the only one of the James family left.


  2. Hey, Jimmy…. not counting me and Iowa Jim and some guy who uses the name “James” with weak authentication. Also, there’s an occasional stray “Jim” but we don’t know who they are.


  3. If all the old cobloggers are dead, Frank must be taking his meds. Unfortunately, the oldest and most skeezy of his personalities, Harvey, still remains.

    Consider uping the dosage, Frank!


  4. One thing I have wondered about is that I recall Right Wing Duck mentioning he had a daughter born around the time Buttercup took the Fleming household hostage. An update from him would be nice.


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