Progressive Olympics

[High Praise! to The People’s Cube]

Here’s the People’s Cube official list:

Here are suggestions for new, modernized Olympic events:

• The High Tax Jump
• Non-Fencing Along The Southern Border
• Synchronized Astroturfing
• Long Jump Followed By The Guilt Trip
• “Critical Mass” Cycling In Traffic
• Underwater Mortgage Payments
• Unemployment Line Standing
• Filling Out Applications For Gov’t Aid
• Demanding Healthcare Reform Now!
• Police Car Pooping

Among Obama-inspired events:

• Speed-Bowing
• Teleprompter Dancing
• Extreme Fingerpointing
• Apology Tourism
• Synchronized Fainting

…and it just keeps getting better in the comments.

Also, that picture of John Kerry is priceless.

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Every Business in Illinois Has One of These Signs

[High Praise! to Moonbattery]

Even if you can’t see it, this sign is there in spirit on every building in the last state in the US without a concealed carry law.

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Link of the Day: Top 10 Reasons Obama Has a Bucket Stuck on His Head

[High Praise! to Radioactive Liberty]

From way back in 2009, but I think most of these reasons are still valid today.

Top 10 Reasons Why Obama Has a Bucket Stuck on His Head

Ya know, Barack, there IS a solution to this persistent conundrum.

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Why Rambo Should Be the Tea Party Mascot

I actually got a chance to watch “First Blood” in its entirety on TV recently (usually I end up channel surfing into it about halfway through and missing all the early-stage mayhem), and I noticed – as if for the first time – the name of the town that kept pushing Rambo until he reached his breaking point and fought back with everything he had:

Is it just me, or is there a very strong Tea Party metaphor here?

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Democrat Party Venn Diagram Explains It All

[High Praise! to Ratlands via Doug Ross]

Doug Ross also offers the REAL Republican Venn Diagram

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This Is How Obama Spends His OWN Money

Politico reports that President Obama has donated $5000 of his own money to his reelection campaign.

Proof positive that the man has NO idea what a sound investment looks like.

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