Dennis Miller Explains Why Liberals Drive Him Nuts

[High Praise! to The Hope for America]

[The Hope for America direct link]

Yeah, technically he’s only discussing this specific caller, but this can easily apply to any dirty-tricking, talking-point-vomiting liberal that speaks in public in any capacity.

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Help Me Go Somewhere With This

I’ve got an inkling of a concept, but I’m not sure how to run with it.

I’m thinking of how liberals protested Chik-fil-A with a “kiss-in”.

Now, conservatives wouldn’t protest a business because a) they work for a living and b) they understand capitalism is a GOOD thing.

But if conservatives WERE to protest a business like liberals do, what sort of meaningless, look-at-me, [fill-in-the-blank]-in would they hold?

Maybe a “Fact-in” at the New York Times where they stand outside reading dictionary definitions?

Anyway, I’m having writer’s block with this. Bacon to anyone who can lend a hand.

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Link of the Day: Protests We’ll Never See – Gay “Kiss-In” at the Mosque Day

[High Praise! to The Astute Bloggers, via The Victoria Jackson Show]

Gay “Kiss-In” at the Mosque Day: August 7, 2012


Homosexual activists declared August 7, 2012 as “Kiss-In at the Mosque” day in an attempt to bring attention to Islamic Homophobia. Same sex couples across the nation will be “kissing” in front of mosques in an effort to silence the “hate-speech” and “homosexual genocide” practiced by Muslims worldwide.

Inspired by the Chick fil-A “Kiss-In” and since “Christians and Muslims tend to have similar beliefs about the nature and origin(s) of homosexuality, as well as God’s attitude towards homosexuals,” gay groups across the nation are partnering to promote August 7 as “Kiss-In at the Mosque” day.

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See, THIS Is Why I Love Australia

[High Praise! to Tongue Tied]

Their media still has a sense of humor:

Look closely, and you’ll see they’ve renamed North & South Korea as “Naughty” and “Nice” Korea.

Foster’s and bacon to The Brisbane Metro

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Proof That Time Magazine Is Racist

[High Praise! to The Real Revo]

Sure, they say “White House” instead of Obama, but I know a racist dog-whistle when I hear one.

Time Magazine just suggested selling Obama into slavery!

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Finally! An Obama/Downfall Parody That Features Obama

Bacon to Chris Muir of Day by Day for executing a concept that’s long overdue.

This works best if you’ve seen enough Downfall parody videos to remember a few key scenes.

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They Are EVERYWHERE! – Anti-Obama Road Signs

[High Praise! to The Astute Bloggers]

[YouTube direct link] (Viewer #2,765)

I can’t guarantee that none of these are photoshopped, but they all look pretty legit to me (except maybe that Jimmy Carter one – that may be a tweak of the Bush “Miss Me Yet?” sign, since the word “Me” isn’t underlined as it is in the one I’ve seen verified as genuine.)

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