Obama’s “Forward.” Motto Illustrated

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If You Thought the Chevy Volt Was a Bad Idea…

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I don’t know why, but that picture just makes me giggle like an idiot.

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Link of the Day: Wolf Blitzer Moderates the Obama/Romney Debate

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I find myself sick with jealousy that I didn’t write this.

barry debatable


[Blitzer] “Let’s start with a foreign policy question. Mr. President, what is the capital of Israel?”

[Obama] “Umm, well. Our embassy is in Tel Aviv. The Knesset is in Jerusalem. But our friends call Jerusalem ‘Al Quds’. Umm. On Facebook, to describe our relationship with Israel, I’d click on ‘It’s Complicated’.”

[Blitzer] “Governor?”

[Romney] “It isn’t complicated. The capital is Jerusalem. While Jerusalem has been occupied by others for much of its history, it has been the capital ever since King David set up shop there. Even Abraham, the Father of the Faith, was willing to sacrifice Isaac on Mt. Moriah, which is where Jerusalem now is, so Israeli influence there even predates King David. The pResident confuses a very simple thing, and even this basic question leaves him with a puzzled, like a monkey humping a stump.”

[Blitzer] “Monkey? Isn’t that racist?”

[Romney] “No. It just rolls off the tongue more smoothly than ‘giraffe humping a carafe’.”

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Obama Campaign Releases New Poster in Support of “Forward.” Slogan

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