A Moment With Joe Biden: Saving the Auto Industry

[by Son of Bob]

And now, a moment with Joe Biden.

BIDEN: …and where were the Republicans when the auto industry was failing? Where were they? I’ll tell you where they were. They were busy looking out for their own self-interests, and not the interests of the American people. But, while they were out trying to make voters happy, only worried about their own re-election campaigns, Barack was doing the hard work. He was doing the work that needed to be done. And, it wasn’t popular. It wasn’t popular with voters. It wasn’t popular with most people. I don’t know anyone who thought it was a good idea. But Barack knew it had to be done. And he had the guts to step up to the plate and push through his final solution. And, he stepped in and saved the auto industry. There would be no Edsel today if it weren’t for the hard work of Barack Obama. There would be no Yugo. Just yesterday I had a phone call from my good friend John DeLorean in which he told me that, because of the gutsy efforts… that’s right gutsy… of Barack Obama, his company is putting thousands of people back to work making the only car in the world that allows it’s driver to travel into the future, right here in America. How about that?…

This has been a moment with Joe Biden.

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  1. As usual, my blood pressure went down just reading it.

    But, for a second, I thought you were going to weave-in “Government Motors” and the reoccurring threat of another GM bankruptcy along with all the Chevy Volt fires (production officially terminated, btw – gutsy, real gutsy since we’re all on the hook for 50+ billion.)


  2. I am sure Biden was speaking to a Chinese audience in the Gobi Desert whose entire English language knowledge is “Where is the toilet?” And then Joe announced with their help, the Dems. would take NC again.


  3. Keln says, “The way he captures Biden so perfectly… amazing.” It’s scary, actually! Plugs the Plagiarist really saying stuff like SoB’s parodies is scary. What is even more scary, are the libtards who see and hear that stuff and declare it “brilliant” and believe that Biden is going to wipe the walls with Ryan in a debate. And, these people get to vote!
    Obama/Biden. Two reasons stupid people should not be allowed to vote.



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