Anniversary, Obama-style

Missed in this whole thing where Obama had to change his plans because of a trip Mitt Romney made is this tidbit:

The president was en route Friday to Fort Bliss, Texas, where he planned to meet with military service members and their families on the two-year anniverary of his visit there to mark the end of the war in Iraq.

So, he’s planning a trip to mark the anniversary of a trip?

Not that he’s marking the anniversary of the declared end to the war. That was in October 2009. No, this is a trip marking the anniversary of a trip.

If only I could write parody that was as ridiculous as Obama’s reality.

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  1. Apparently, his staff’s as clueless as he is. Maybe that’s good for two more months.

    Welcome, James! You need BACON!


  2. Wow! His narcissism is off the charts!
    Entering levels not reached by Hitler, Stalin or Mussolini ….. or even Hollywood actors!
    And while he seems to have adopted many of their mannerisms and haughty poses, it is quite evident that his neurosis is extremely advanced and beyond anything seen by either psychoanalysts of the criminally insane or Hillary Clinton’s mirror!



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