Bailouts for All!

Obama says he wants to do to all industries what he did to the auto industry. So he wants to forcefully take our money and dump it into failing companies everywhere. This should be a real boon for those business; if they can get people’s money without even having to give those people goods and services in return, that should really cut costs for them. Obama is such an economic genius.

I hear Obama once had a lemonade stand as a kid. It ended with his grandparents’ house being foreclosed on.

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  1. This is awesome! At last some help for my struggling tuna distribution business! I only have one customer and sometimes I even have trouble keeping me him supplied. Welcome to Fat City – Population: DamnCat!


  2. I plan on following the Solyndra model.

    1. Bailouts (if you don’t know how much is skimmed off the top, you’re uneducated).
    2. Bankruptcy.
    3. Retire!

    Excellent plan, Obama. I’m ready!



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