Honoring Neil Whatshisname

Posted on August 27, 2012 4:56 pm

Jim Treacher ran across this. It’s Obama’s tribute to the astronaut dude that died or something:


Yep. Neil Armstrong, the first man to set foot on the moon, dies, and Obama honors him with a picture of … Obama.

Kinda makes me wonder how Obama would honor others on their passing. Any suggestions?

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24 Responses to “Honoring Neil Whatshisname”

  1. EdthePastor says:

    That’s Obama? With the silhouette of those ears I thought it was Marvin the Martian.

  2. Mrs. C says:

    “Now that your loved one has passed, perhaps you would consider making memorial a donation to the Obama campaign.”

  3. Zbigniew says:

    Is that a crescent moon and a star upon which he’s gazing?
    I’d say of what religion that reminds me, but I don’t wanna be labeled as a ray-cyst.

  4. Jimmy says:

    Pan full of BACON! to Mrs. C.

  5. Bunkerhillbilly says:

    Presiden Obama Honors Those Who Have Passed:

    “I’d like to say a word or two honoring the passing of Phyllis Diller, an empowered comedienne, a woman who boldly overcame her image issues. Now, as I was telling Sasha and Malia, if they had visual issues I’d be OK with their doing something about it. I mean I wouldn’t want them saddled with an ugly face.”

    “I heard Tony Scott passed away, under mysterious circumstances, near a bridge, which spanned a road. Now he didn’t make those movies all by himself, and his death may not have occurred all by itself. Not to mention that those bridges and roads, like the one near where Tony Scott was found, remind me of the roads and bridges in Selma which Black folk, like me, have had trouble crossing at one time or other.”

    “Scott McKenzie passed on the other day, and apparently he was the guy who wrote that “flowers in your hair” song back in the 1960s and he wrote some songs for The Monkees too. Now I never wore flowers in my hair, but I did play with monkeys as a youth in Indonesia, and Scott’s song, I’m told, was big with white kids back then who dropped out, ran away from home and became part of that San Francisco thing. I never got too into that, I was too busy grooving to Al Green, The Jonzun Krew, and Grandmaster Flash, but if you got into that, well Scott was probably your man.”

  6. CaptMidnight says:

    During this photo shoot, Obama thought, “Maybe we should have the image Photoshopped so the crescent is green… and move the star to the left a bit, and make it green, too! Oh, how I worship the beloved Star and Crescent.”


  7. Crabby Old Bat says:

    Now, on the anniversary of the birth of Abraham Lincoln, I would just like to say what a very fine bedroom he made for me and my family to use here in the White House. Really, it’s just outstanding.

  8. Crabby Old Bat says:

    And before he left this world, George Washington chopped down that cherry tree that would have taken up so much room in the White House garden, and you know Michelle really needed that sunny space for her arugula and broccoli.

    [And yes, I know that lettuce and broccoli prefer cooler weather and can tolerate partial shade, AND that the cherry tree story was apocryphal and supposedly took place in GW’s childhood, and nowhere near the White House (which wasn’t even finished during GW’s term in office) – but this is supposed to be Barack “57 states” Obama speaking, not someone who has an actual working knowledge of American history and popular myth.]

  9. NO_MO_BAMA says:

    He hates NASA because when one of his voters says “America sucks, we’re no better than anyone else”, a sane person can just say, “Oh really? We landed on the moon, did they? Argument lost. Can’t have that.

  10. CCO says:

    Sigh. I hate to be the moderate here, but we really have to give the POTUS a pass on this one due to what the Armstrong family said about looking up at the moon and winking to remember Neil Armstrong.

  11. Basil says:

    The picture was recycled by Obama. It was from April, I believe. So, unless Obama had planned Armstrong’s death last Spring, Obama wasn’t following the family’s wishes.

  12. Harvey says:

    CCO – Message received.

    But… no wink from Obama.

    Sorry, I’m just a bad, bitter man.

    To paraphrase Homer Simpson, at this point, I couldn’t give Obama a pass on the passingest day of my life if I had an electrified passing machine.

  13. Tommy the Towelhead says:

    THE EARS!!! He looks like a telescope mount!

  14. Jimmy says:

    Those EARS are high-gain, exponential, folded-horn, microwave antennae! He’s ‘seeing’ the moon with them, Tommy. The guy is soooo amazing.

  15. hatless in hattiesburg says:

    That’s nothing new, the media celebrates Christmas & Easter year-round with the similar O-pics.

  16. hatless in hattiesburg says:

    iowahawk is on the case too – http://iowahawk.typepad.com/iowahawk/2012/08/stars-get-in-your-eyes.html

  17. CCO says:

    Oh well, what was it they told us in math class–if you assume the negative, and then contradict your assumption, it’s the best proof. I assumed POTUS had done the right thing the right way, and he proved me wrong.

  18. hwuu says:

    I am hoping that someday Obama will honor the tea party by holding up a “will work for food” sign outside the Walmart parking lot.

  19. Zach says:

    Oh, I wish we could have hooked that brain reader up for this moment. “Oh, wow. Venus and the moon are almost lined up to make a star and crescent. How cool would it be to look up in the sky and see a hammer and sickle?”

  20. Son of Bob says:

    What does a photo of a silhouetted alien have to do with Barack Obama or Neil Armstrong? And, how come in the artist’s renderings they never have such big, funny-looking ears?

  21. hwuu says:

    He must of gotten his ears from his mother. Frank Marshall Davis has smallish ears.

  22. Dohtimes says:

    If Putin dies he’ll have Ted Nugent put away for seven years as a tribute. If Nugent dies he’ll say I was called The Motor City ‘Nad Man after I saved Detroit.

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