I Have GOT to Have This for My Ringtone

[High Praise! to DoublePlusUnDead]

A security guard foiled a robbery attempt at a Dollar General store in Oklahoma City. While calling 911, the robber became unsubdued, and the guard had to subdue him again.

With an aluminum baseball bat.

The *ping* *scream of agony* is one of the most satisfying sounds you’ll ever hear [911 call starts at the 50 second mark]

[News9 direct link]

Sounds like justice.

UPDATE: It’s now a ringtone.

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  1. The Obama economy has got to be pretty bad when you need a security guard at a Dollar General store. Either that or the robber was pretty desperate for knockoff “Dorritos” chips and “Crestt” toothpaste imported from China. Maybe he was Jonesin’ for his fix of lead and Red Dye #5?


  2. I loved how when the burglar came back to consciousness, he had no idea what had happened to him. Classic! I’ve got my concealed, but maybe I’ll also start carrying an aluminum baseball bat, just for the “fun” factor!


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