Link of the Day: No, Seriously, Harry Reid’s Office Responds to Pederasty Rumors

Posted on August 4, 2012 6:07 pm

[High Praise! to Bad Science]

EXCLUSIVE—MUST CREDIT ACE OF SPADES HQ: Harry Reid’s Office Responds To Rumors That He’s A Pederast

Unfortunately, the answer just raises more (and creepier) questions.

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6 Responses to “Link of the Day: No, Seriously, Harry Reid’s Office Responds to Pederasty Rumors”

  1. Son of Bob says:

    First he molests them, then he yells at them to get off his lawn.

  2. NO_MO_BAMA says:

    Then he says “go ahead and sue me for molesting you, I’ll raise your taxes to 90% and get it all back”.

  3. Judith M. says:

    I heard he has a secret subterranean torture chamber. There’s an easy way to prove there isn’t–dig up his yard.

  4. Corona says:

    This is the funniest “tear Reid to ribbons” shit I’ve seen in a long long time. It needs to continue. This pederast needs to be put to rest.

  5. Cautiously Pessimistic says:

    Of course, the pederasty rumors are just a smoke screen for his bath salts addiction.

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