Not Sure How This Counts As Obama Creating or Saving Jobs

An Indiana-based medical equipment manufacturer says it’s scrapping plans to open five new plants in the coming years because of the looming taxes in Obamacare.

I swear, if Obama were President in Edison’s time, we’d still be lighting the country with whale oil.

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  1. This could start a war between the bazillions of Brazilian “painters” (they say they are anyway) and the masses of Mexican landscapers.
    The landscapers have power tools so they’ll probably win.

    Speaking of landscapers: Arlington leaf blower ban survives special election vote

    That would be the Arlington, MA next to Lexington MA, you know the place where that whole Revolution thing started.

    Best line:There were 5,539 votes against it, and 2,619 for it, according to unofficial ….and it ‘survived’.

    Ain’t “democracy” in the cradle of liberty great?

    But the real question is, isn’t forcing Mexican landscapers to rake instead of blow racist? There’s more Liawatha bumper stikers in Arlington/Lexington than just about anywhere else. Says a lot about them actually. Celebrate DIVERSITY! They work cheep and can’t afford to live here!!

    And remember: CoExist!!!!!!!!!!!


  2. That massive health care entitlement taxation that was the stake in the heart of American commerce? Yeah, he built that.


  3. It’s not whale oil it’s “cetacean bio-fuel” Did you know the US was once the world leader in the production of cetacean bio-fuel untill those Evil oil companies put them out of business. So just send me half a billon dollars and I’ll start a study on reviving this industry. For example we could just tap the whales just like maple trees, besides aren’t these whales a poor role model for kids during this obesity epidemic? See it’s for the children!



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