Parody Video: The Conservative Lorax

[High Praise! to iOwnTheWorld]

[CollegeHumor direct link]

Not a perfect parody for making the free-market case, but a damn sight better than the original bucket of environmentalist twaddle that it’s parodying.

Well worth a watch.

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  1. Why is it that when someone get’s famous they inevitably think everyone wants to hear their opinion on……(place your agenda item here)? I guess it’s a liberal-progressive dogma issue. They are the center of their universe.


  2. If I had access to an animation studio, I’d make a short where the little boy and the Lorax watch Al Gore chop down the last forrest to build a mansion. A sad lumberjack would come tell the two of them how back in the day, he used to cut down trees for paper, and plant new trees. A forrest used to be a valuable thing and no sane business would take from a forrest without replacing it. They used to take all kinds of trees, make paper that made people happy, and when people were done with the paper, it would go to a landfill. It was the only human activity that put carbon back in the ground.

    In the 20th century, there were environmental groups that did some good things, but they had no exit strategy. They kept going until there was one big forrest, full of kindling because people weren’t even allowed to take a single stick from the conservation land. One fire took everything out. The sad lumberjack would tell the boy and the Lorax that children’s books are a good introduction to how the world works, but nothing beats an intellectual curiousity to see how the real world works when you understand business.

    The problem with the world today is only .01% of the population has access to animation studios. They really should share that wealth. I look forward to the day IMAO has a film budget. I’d like to see super-slow-mo videos of hippie punches, too.



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