Romney Frightens Michael Moore

Recently in an interview, controversial film maker and big fat dummy Michael Moore predicted that Mitt Romney will win the election. He lamented the fact that young people aren’t excited about Obama any more like they were in 2008 and probably won’t get out of bed to vote. He also said something about Republicans riding dinosaurs, which gives them a clear advantage.

In other news, seismologists are using Science! to try and locate where on the planet Michael Moore is at any given moment, as this may be the key to predicting earthquakes.

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  1. Well mice frighten elephants, and butterflies frighten hippos, so its natural for fit people to frighten slobs like moore, odonnell, and barr.

    The real question is, would moore still eat the occupant knowing that he is a spoiled failure?

    How much do you suppose moore has to pay the fork lift driver that hauls him around all day. How much does he pay the fork lift driver that feeds him? How much of that did the oblamea gubmunt build?


  2. If Moore is right, and we all get used to saying “President Romney,” the frightening thing is that Michael Moore will probably be blathering on TV even more with his endless supply lipid spittle.



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