Still overpriced

Posted on August 31, 2012 10:02 am

The Dekalb County Georgia Democrats are giving away tickets to see Obama’s acceptance speech to bar patrons in Atlanta.

You got to get to Manuel’s Tavern, 602 North Highland Avenue Northeast in Atlanta by noon, so hurry.

So, to summarize: they have to give away tickets to hear Obama speak, and you gotta be drunk to accept them?

That actually makes sense. Maybe things will be okay after all.

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7 Responses to “Still overpriced”

  1. Keln says:

    If I remember correctly, you could get tickets to the Romney speech that was in my town not too long ago for free by printing them out or something…

    But getting within ear shot of the guy was another story. The crowd was huge, and this isn’t that big of a town.

    So, yeah, based on simple economics: Obama should pay people to see him and Romney should be charging people.

  2. jw says:

    “…have to give away tickets…and you gotta be drunk…”

    yep, that pretty much covers it.

  3. DamnCat says:

    people who go to a bar before noon = Obama’s core constituency

  4. FormerHostage says:

    Uhhhh, how’re they gonna get from Atlanta to Charlette? Is the DNC providing a bus too? Are they only giving them to registered Democrats? Dead people?

  5. Basil says:

    FH: The article didn’t say. But, if they did, they’d need to claim the value of the bus/train/plane ticket on their tax return next year.

    Unless they get the Geithner Exemption (being a Democrat).

  6. Jimmy says:

    If the have trouble giving them away, they can always combine them with free booze.

    If there’s still a problem after that, they can give them to drunk bar patrons already IN the bar.

    If that’s a problem, well, then they have a problem.

  7. plentyobailouts says:

    Basil, I dern near laughed myself unconscious. democrats and taxes! You slay me!

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