Looks Like Obama Will Finally Do Something About Gas Prices

[High Praise! to The Patriot Post]

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Why America Is Better Than Afghanistan

[High Praise! to The Astute Bloggers]

It’s not that our culture is better – though it is.

It’s that we have FREE ENTERPRISE and CAPITALISM and they don’t; they subordinate the economic pursuit of personal happiness to their esoteric creed.

In other words, whereas we can GO ABOUT OUR BUSINESS, they cannot because their business is subordinated to their religion; their economy is subordinated to their religion.

Lots more where that came from.

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You’ve Been Judged!

Keln of Nuking Politics picked his favorite punchlines to “The chair Clint Eastwood talked to…“.

Click here to see if you made the cut.

If you did, you should probably email him about becoming a guest blogger there.

If you didn’t, he’s got another straight line for you to practice on.

Keep trying. No one likes a quitter.

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Once Again, But Higher

[High Praise! to The Political Commentator]

The Freedom Tower aka One World Trade Center, soon to be the tallest building in the United States.

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Link of the Day: Dinosaur Storms Beach on D-Day

[High Praise! to both hwuu and ATCBob for sending me this link]

America’s Fighting Dinosaur

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A Moment With Joe Biden: Women

[by Son of Bob]

And now, a moment with Joe Biden.

BIDEN: …but, it’s such a pleasure to be here to speak to all of you lovely women of St. Mary’s Women’s Club today. God love ya’, you do such great work. And, look at all of you, how beautiful you all look. Ya know, our opponents talk about women, and they don’t like ’em. In fact, they have waged a full-scale war on women like you, and it makes me sick. The way they treat women, and the things they say about women. If Mitt Romney had his way, each of you would be sitting at home with your feet up on the couch watching television. That’s what he’d like. That’s what he thinks of you. But, Barack Obama understands women. I’d like to think I know a little bit about women myself, too. And, I know that with Barack Obama as president, none of you will spend much time on the couch with your feet up, I’ll tell you that. I’d like nothing better than to see each one of you working two or three jobs so that you can help make ends meet. And, Barack Obama has a plan to help educate women. We all know you can’t get a job out there, support a child as a single mom, if all you know how to do is bake and clean. Am I right? You know that’s the truth. So, Barack’s initiative would give a $100 college credit to each single mother, per child, and help them learn a trade, so that they can become a nurse, or a waitress, or receptionist, and support their children when the child support doesn’t show up. Because, this is the party that cares about women like you…

This has been a moment with Joe Biden.

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This Is the America I Still Believe In

[High Praise! to The Astute Bloggers]

A melting pot, not a mosaic:

[YouTube direct link] (Viewer #1439)

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Straight Line of the Day: The Best Way to Thank the Troops…

Works like this: I feed you Moon Nukers a straight line, and you hit me with a punch line in the comments.

Of course, if you’re not feeling particularly funny today (and for the 12th straight time, I’m not), sincerity is fine, too.

The best way to thank the troops…

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Throwing the Media in the Bog

It’s your quote of the day from How to Fix Everything in America Forever: The Plan to Keep America Awesome. This one is from “Chapter Seven: The Media”:

So we don’t need to give up our useful occupations to replace people in the media, for the same reason that when a dancing monkey dances poorly, we don’t stop what we’re doing and dance in its place. We just need to train it better. And if that doesn’t work, we tie it up in a burlap sack and throw it in a bog . . . or I imagine that’s what we do. I’ve never actually dealt directly with monkeys. Anyway, no matter how frustrated you get, don’t tie up actors and journalists and throw them in a bog. Then I won’t get to find out what happens on my TV shows.

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Have We Moved On?

I’m not sure what’s left to say about 9/11. Judging by how we picked a president who was absurd for wartime four years ago, I think we’ve been ready to move on for some time. We still have the ludicrous airport security, but our focus has been economic for a while and we barely even hear about foreign threats in the news anymore. Still, I hope we can spend some time to reflect that the freedoms and advantages we have were not easily gained and are not easily held.

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Video: We Bow to Nobody

[High Praise! to Primordial Slack]

The soul of a Navy SEAL explained in 30 seconds. Odds are, you feel the same way.

[YouTube direct link] (Viewer #230,670)

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