Barack Obama, movie star

Barack Obama needs a job. You see, he’s never had a real job. Oh, sure, he’s had made-up jobs like “community organizer” but he’s never done anything that’s real or useful. Yeah, he was a state legislator, but all they have to do is say “yes” or “no” when bills come up for a vote, but he couldn’t even get that correct. He voted “present” a lot.

Now, he’s in the most important job in the world, and is doing like you’d expect: he sucks at it. He has no idea what he’s doing, and the only time he’s not screwing things up is when he’s actually taking a vacation and playing golf.

You may be wondering why he never got a job playing golf for a living, but there’s a real good reason: he’s so bad at it that he’d starve. We’d have another homeless Obama running around, and goodness knows there are enough of them scattered all across the globe. So he plays golf for fun. I can only assume he plays president for fun, too. I mean, if he hated it because he sucked at it so bad, there are a lot of people who would gladly do the job … and do it better.

Of course, his doing a piss-poor job as president won’t last forever. He’ll be needing a new job come late January. Whatever will he do?

I’m thinking he’s planning to go into show business, become a movie star. He’s already hanging around the Hollywood crowd, and I think part of he reason is to get into the movies. Plus, movie people don’t really do anything useful. They’re good for a laugh, and when their job makes you cry, it’s not over anything real. So, perfect for Obama.

What kind of role could he play? Well, if they ever do a remake of D. W. Griffith’s Birth of a Nation, he could play the role of an 1871 South Carolina Reconstruction legislator.

20120914-121032.jpg 20120914-121046.jpg

Maybe, though, that’s not the best decision. Perhaps you can help. What would be a good movie role for Obama?

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  1. Should the “Ted Bundy Story” ever make it to the big screen BHO would be perfect for the lead role.

    Bundy was able to run up his score of murdered coeds by being smooth, nicely dressed, articulate and likable. After seeing BHO try and throw a baseball and drive a golf ball I’m sure he’d need a stand-in to do the head bashing with a 2×4. All in all though he fills the bill of a glib, friendly, charlatan with a low IQ who also needs to exterminate those that don’t do exactly as he says!

    He’s not good enough at math to do “The Bernie Madoff Story”!


  2. @Jimmy – not Queeq. He was just a guy who was past his prime and over his head. BHO should play Lt. Keefer – a know-it-all weasel, marking time, talking others into trouble, and then ducking responsibility but still showing up to the party as if he was welcome.


  3. Gentlemen, you forget one thing about acting: Obama would have to be able to deliver his lines without a teleprompter. This would mean he would have to memorize lines. President Junky has done so much choom and blow, that his ability to form a coherent sentence without being able to read directly from a teleprompter is nil. Without a teleprompter, Il Douche is a SCOAMF; with a teleprompter he just doesn’t stutter, but he’s still a COAMF.
    Basil, do you really think that Obama, even with geological epochs of time to study his lines, would be able to competently perform as an actor?


  4. Well, he’s pretty good at wrecking things, so maybe Mothera or Godzilla from back in the ’60’s? I don’t remember them having too much dialog, but I was pretty young back then so I’m not sure. I’d say the monster in Alien, but I liked that movie too much.



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