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  1. Gun walking. I know from the context that it was a bad thing that Obama was responsible for and should be impeached over.

    But I like the term.

    Gun walking. We should take that term back. We should encourage Americans to lawfully take their guns for a nice, long-overdue walk. Maybe meet up with other gun walkers. Maybe discuss current events. Maybe take their guns to a designated area for some exercise. This type of gun walking should be commonplace.

    I think we’d be a better country for it.


  2. coldguy, I take at least one of my guns for a walk every day. Now, I do have to play favorites, due to the number of GFWs in the neighborhood, so I can take only the handguns for a walk. Now, when the weather is cooler, I take all of the kids out to the shooting range. The .22s always have a blast (pun intended), the 2 handguns bark like little rotties, the larger weapons anxiously await their turns on the 100 and 200 meter end of the range. Once we’ve had a great afternoon at the range, I take them home and clean them up. The kids do get so dirty when they are playing like that.



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