Creepy Messina Obamacare Pictures… Still Creepy, but Funnier Now

[High Praise! to Les of Brick Moon]

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  1. What a scumbag! And does the guy wear lipstick or something? Got news for you….purple for fall is OUT!

    Messina looks like he has been drinking the koolaid and sucking on something else…what a turd. The only date he COULD get is a paper doll, so enjoy that, sir.



  2. The main reason he’s allowed himself to be portrayed looking like that is because everyone he ever came in contact with, including his parents, beat the snot out of him…everyone knew he would allow himself to be portrayed like that!
    …and if I knew him 20 years ago I probably would have tried to talk sense into him then beat the snot out of him!


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