Football season smack-talk

It’s football season.

Not Arena Football. I worry those guys playing indoor like that might knock over a lamp, and boy will dad be pissed.

Not NFL football. If I want to watch a bunch of over-hyped egos acting like fools, I’ll watch pro wrestling or MSNBC.

Not Canadian football. But it is kinda cute how they think that’s football, eh?

No, I’m talking real football. College football.

You got your Division 1-A (the PC weenies call it FBS, but they’re weenies) where all the big schools play. But you also got your Division 1-AA (what PC weenies call FCS) where the slightly smaller, but still pretty big schools play. They actually have a playoff system, but they’ve expanded it too big and will screw it up like basketball did.

Then, there’s the other division: II and III. That’s where some really good talent plays, plus the players that get kicked off the Georgia squad for getting in fights, drinking, smoking weed, carrying guns, and generally thinking they’ve enrolled at Florida State University at Athens. But besides the screw-ups from Division 1-A, they’ve got some talent at those levels.

There’s also NAIA or something. This is where some good players that couldn’t get scholarships to other schools, or couldn’t afford to get too far from home, play. Still, there’s some real talent there.

Bottom line is: college football is back.

Now, I’m not going to be going on and on about how great the SEC teams are and how the other conferences just don’t measure up. I’ll let the last six national championships say that.

No, I’m offering the fans the chance to sound off about their team in the comments. Be nice. Well, mostly nice.

Oh, heck, it’s football. Just don’t draw any blood. Or not much, anyway.

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  1. An Ohio State Buckeye now living in Southern California, I often feel schizophrenic. Love the Buckeyes, root for USC; USC ranked #1, OSU ranked #18 pre-season, I’m looking forward to them meeting somewhere in the middle. With that said, “Go Urban Meyer”!


  2. @ Scott

    And today was a typical Urban Meyer game…slow start, then run up the score in a lopsided affair.

    Guess we’ll have to get used to it, but in a way it is kind of nice to score almost 60 points in a game for once.


  3. Notre Dame is a French name. Notre Dame cathedral is in France. So, my question is: why is the football team the “fighting Irish”? Shouldn’t they be the “fighting Frogs” or something like that? Although, “fighting cheese eating surrender monkeys” does lose something in translation.


    • Yes, I do, as a matter of fact. That stretch from the 1968 Cotton Bowl through the 1975 Orange Bowl was rough. I also remember his six national championships.

      I also remember the national championship game in 2012. And 2011. And 2010. And 2009. And 2008. And 2007. And 2004. And 1999. And 1997. And 1993. Don’t you remember them?


  4. Gator chomp!
    Though I’m not hoping for much this season, maybe making it to a semi-decent bowl game; hopefully break even win/loss-wise.

    Go gators but we’re gonna suck this season. But there’s always next year, right?



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