FUN TRIVIA: You Can Get A Free Bumper Sticker Supporting Ear Leader Garbage Can Liner!

DID YOU KNOW???? If you go here, you can get a FREE OBAMBI bumper sticker garbage can liner sent anywhere you like!

Of course… TANSTAAFL, so the idiots supporting Ear Leader’s Campaign will foot the bill!

Show your support for draining  the PRESidENT’s campaign coffers garbage can protection, and hey its totally FREE!

I’m getting as many as I possibly can. I’ve never supported a Marxist lined the inside of my trash can before! I’m stoked!

PS, I’m sure this gets me on some sort of a mailing list for every one I get, but the way I look at it, envelops, ink and paper cost money too, right? I’ll line the birdcage with those. Soon as I get one.

Update: fixed link
Update 2 :My favorite is the one with the rainbow colors behind That One and he’s looking down smiling at….?? I wonder what???

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  1. There was a time when campaigns sold bumper stickers to raise funds. I guess if a candidate is desperate he’ll just pass them out for free. Along with tickets to his party’s convention. And seats on the bus going to the convention. Seems to follow the theme of the DNC. “Free, free, free. Everything’s free. Vote for us. We got free stuff.”


  2. What’s telling about this is that this late in the game they’re struggling to fill the not-unnoticed absence of Obama bumper stickers. I live in the heart of liberalland (a.k.a. NeverNeverLand) and the only ones with Obama-Biden 2012 stickers applied to their bumpers are die-hard party loyalists who are too stupid to know or proud to admit they backed a loser. I’ve seen a few that were applied with tape in the back window, but it’s clear their hearts aren’t into it.


  3. odd to anyone else that the stickers are apparently on a monster suv with some pretty b.a. light covers? pretty sure no lib drives one of those. they must’ve swiped a secret service ride since you can’t fit 3 stickers on the typically-sized weenie mobile. i am also quite chagrinned that i can’t get the link to work. i have a lot of friends that need the gay one to show up unsolicited.



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