I have had it with these m*****f****** spiders on this m*****f****** plane

Yeah, I never saw that Snakes on a Plane movie. But I heard about it. That kinda contributed to me not wanting to see it.

But now some lady has sued Delta because of … Spiders On A Plane!

Yep, a woman on a Delta flight was bitten by a spider. That’s three such incidents in the last six years.

What worries me about this — well, other than Spiders On A Plane! — is that the TSA is stopping grandmothers and fondling children, they’re letting spiders through! And a simple pat-down of a spider would solve all the problems of … Spiders On A Plane!

I think Obama is beholding to the spider lobby.

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    • *spew*

      Okay, now I’m hoping Mr. Right decides to photoshop some Muslim spiders. Only, I don’t think Charlotte will be writing “SOME PIG” over Wilbur’s pen.



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