Link of the Day: See, THIS Is How You Can Tell When Republicans Are Being Racist

[High Praise! to The People’s Cube]

Decoding Republican Dog Whistles: A Tutorial

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One Comment

  1. I propose a new game: Six Degrees of Conservative Racism. We simply make a true, factual statement about Obama, then, in six steps or less, we determine how it is racist.

    An example:

    Statement: Obama went to Columbia University.

    1). Columbia University shares its name with Columbia, a country.

    2). Columbia the country is in South America.

    3). South America is full of brown-skinned people.

    4). Consevatives hate brown-skinned people.

    Therefore, saying Obama went to Columbia University, a more or less true fact, is actually a thinly veiled racist conservative attack; a dog whistle that only liberals can hear that lets them know conservatives are not very nice people.



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