Obama vs Technology

At a campaign stop in Florida, Obama decided it would be be a great bit of publicity to personally phone two of the local campaign’s volunteers and thank them for whatever it is campaign volunteers do…licking stamps or burning people’s Romney signs or something.

So someone handed him an iPhone to make the call. And the President couldn’t figure the blasted thing out.

But when White House trip director Marvin Nicholson handed the president his personal iPhone, Mr. Obama couldn’t get it to work. A reporter who witnessed the scene said the president looked “befuddled.”

“It’s not clear he knows how to dial on an iPhone,” the reporter wrote in a pool report.

It kind of reminds me of his troubles with regular phones too.

I’m guessing calculators are also a toughy. And pretty much anything else that deals with numbers.

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  1. Ugh that was supposed to be TOTUS… looks like I’m having a little trouble with my mobile device too…. at least I have it the right way up.


  2. No…. It’s the one that was elected because Bush couldn’t figure out a supermarket scanner.

    I’m just trying to figure out how he’s managing to work the Twitters.


  3. “Apple may be working on a unicorn farm filled with genetically engineered horses that poop glitter too.”

    Permit me to propose a new “dog whistle” term for the Lib Dems: Glitter Sh*tting Unicorns (GSUs).

    Perhaps someone with a greater artistic talent could come up with a gif of the Dem logo (the kicking donkey) modified to a unicorn which is blasting sparkley stuff from between its shanks.


  4. I’m pretty sure pointing out Obama can’t do anything is R A C I S T!

    If somebody handed me an I-phone, I wouldn’t know how to work it either but I didn’t go to Harvard….for free….because….
    I’m ….white : ( wow, that seems kinda racist too…hmmmm.

    I guess I should have got a sex change and said I was an Indian.



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