Pretty Sure the Middle East Has Bigger Problems Than Cartoons

A French newspaper has published some cartoons and now basically the whole Middle East is in lock down over that because it’s a very serious place filled with serious people. And while the French government has advised against publishing the cartoons, it has emphasized the paper’s right to do so, so that’s one the French government has over ours right now.

If we were serious about freedom of speech, every time there was violence in the Middle East over speech, we would do pretty much nothing but publish stuff insulting to Islam. Thus we’d send the message, if you want us to respect Islam, don’t be violent. Instead, most people seem to want to send the opposite message.

Of course, I solve the Middle East problem in my new book. If we could only rid them of that cursed oil, I bet they’d have peace. Or we’d care less if they didn’t.

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  1. Well you clearly don’t believe in the freedom of expression; the Libyans were just expressing themselves when they killed our SEALS and the ambassador. DUH.


  2. Nude cartoons of Mohammed?
    If they’ed put Mohammeds head on the body of a good looking woman, the mixed feelings of the angry rioters would have defused the situation.
    “They are ridiculing the prophet! Let’s riot!”
    “Er, achmed? You know, if you cover up the head, this picture is really hot!”
    “Really? Do you have another copy?”



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