Where’s Your Nearest Gun?

It’s your quote of the day from How to Fix Everything in America Forever: The Plan to Keep America Awesome. This one is from “Chapter Eight: Homeland Security”:

If a crazed thug were to rush you right now, what would you shoot him with? If you answered, “With the gun I currently have on my person,” good job. If you had to think where your gun is, then you are not prepared. Bad American. If you answered, “Nothing; I don’t have a gun,” then you have confused me. Don’t you know what country you live in? Don’t you know that we can have guns?

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  1. The problem isn’t the right to bear arms. The problem is that many states have put into place layers of laws that it makes it nearly impossible for law-abiding citizens to legally own and carry guns. Add to that the fact that they’ve made it extremely difficult to practice with a gun to establish and maintain proficiency. Liberalland Exhibit A: Maryland, voted the “most oppressive state,” and whose state police chief refuses to issue concealed weapons permits to law abiding citizens even after a judge ruled that they must be issued!


  2. Machete, LOTR replica Rangers sword, Cold Steel boar spear, katana, lead-filled aluminum baseball bat, cutlass, 4 foot hickory ax handle (all in my kitchen/living room/spare bedroom) before I get to the guns.
    I believe in a layered defense.



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