You Just Have to Ask the Right Questions

A Time Magazine article is claiming that Romney won’t do well in debates with President Carter Obama. While the author’s premise is stupid and dumb, and stupid, it very well could be the case that Romney will do poorly in the debates. That is, if they are hosted by the mainstream media’s more “esteemed” personnel…as they generally are.

Not that such honest and objective journalists would ever conspire to ask certain questions in order to trip up Romney or force a gaffe or two, but if they did so, it could be pretty rough for Mitt.

Consider the following questions:

* “Governor Romney, in your opinion would the economy do better if President Obama were to stay in office and continue his excellent policies, or would the economy do worse in a Romney administration?”

* “Would you consider your foreign policy experience less than the President’s, or is he simply more experienced than you are?”

* “Governor Romney, which do you like better: Nazis or the KKK?”

* “Could you explain, in detail, how exactly you became such a racist?”

* “Governor, in your opinion, what advantages can your powers to give people murder-cancer bring to the presidency?”

* “Which do you prefer: White people or White peoples?”

* “Governor, when exactly did you begin your war on women, and as a follow up question, how does your wife feel about your hating women?”

* “What is your preferred method for beating orphans?”

* “Governor Romney, do you hate the President because he is black, or because he is only half-white?”

* “Governor, when you laugh at poor people, is it more of a cackle, or a loud guffaw?”

Whew! Those would really be some tough questions for Mitt. It’s a good thing the media would never try to set him up like that.

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  1. * Are you still beating your dog before throwing him on top of the car?

    * What does your wife think when you beat your grand kids with chains?

    * Is it true you pound your meat with sledge hammer?

    * At Bain, did you beat the people you fired, or just laugh at them?

    * Regarding your war on women, do you prefer them beaten or just tied-up?


  2. Before I look really stupid could you check to see if the empty chair next to you is indeed empty before I ask my next question?


  3. “Govenor Romney, explain to the country why you want to evict Sasha, Malia..and their dog..from the only home they’ve known for the last four years?”


  4. “Governor Romney, do you hate the President because he is black, or because he is only half-white?”

    No! It’s because he is half assed.

    Then he can use up the rest of his time talking about why the guys in the embassies have no ammo.



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