Dems Really Screwed the Pooch With This Campaign Ad

[High Praise! to NakedDC]

Intellectually, I know they just wanted to run a “cool shades” pic of Biden, but the fact is, the arrow points to an empty chair.


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Biden Admits Obama Plans to Attack Iran!

[High Praise! to Jimmy]

What else could it mean? Mr. “I always say what I mean” couldn’t possibly confuse Iran with Afghanistan – twice! – could he?

[YouTube direct link] (Viewer #315)

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Awesome Video: Taiwanese Animators Recap the VP Debate Highlights

[High Praise! to Call Me Stormy]

I wish the American press could get it this right:

[YouTube direct link] (Viewer #38,065)

Don’t know if they’ve done the 2nd presidential debate yet, but I’m betting Candy Crowley gets pom-poms in it.

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This Is What a Sane Person’s Reaction to Joe Biden Looks Like

[High Praise! to Monster Hunter Nation]

I’m an accountant. Everything Joe Biden just said about taxes and business just made blood shoot from my eyes.

If you couldn’t hear any of Biden’s answers during the tax/budget portion, that was because every single CPA in America was standing up and screaming at their televisions. It was frankly nuts. Social Security is fine. Medicare is fine. Everything is fine. The jobs numbers aren’t rigged! Look how awesome we are doing! The stock market is doing great, unless you want to allow younger people to put their personal SS in the stock market, then the stock market is stupid and lame! We inherited the worst mess EVAR! Democrat congress? I do not know what these words mean! We’re doing awesome, so awesome in fact that we don’t need to pass budgets for four years! Budgets are for chumps.

Wow… Just wow.

Also this part:

There was a bit here where I think Ryan could have answered better (if he hadn’t gotten interupted literally seven times in one minute). Yes. Ryan, as a representative of Wisconsin, asked for federal funds from a federal program. People in Wisconsin send money to Washington. Washington then screws with it, makes up crap, and sends some of the money back. It is a congressman’s JOB to get that money back for his people. That is their tax dollars. You can fight a program and think a program is stupid, but once the program is in place, and they are funding it with YOUR money, you are an idiot to not try and get some of it back.

Asking for money from a program you opposed isn’t theft, it’s restitution.

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You’ve Been Judged!

Keln of Nuking Politics picked his favorite punchlines to “Most notably absent from the second debate…

Click here to see if you made the cut.

If you did, you should probably email him about becoming a guest blogger there.

If you didn’t, he’s got another straight line for you to practice on.

Keep trying. No one likes a quitter.

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Link of the Day: Debate Prediction Proves Out

[High Praise! to Cold Hearted Truth]

Will this be the debate tonight?


Crowley: President Obama, let me ask you, why did Mitt Romney politicize the tragic killing of our ambassador and three others in Libya?

Obama: I’m glad you asked that, Candy.

Crowley: Just trying to do my part.

Obama: You always do. Candy, what few people know is that Mitt Romney was nowhere to be seen in the hours before the tragic killing of four Americans in Benghazi.

I’m not sure whether he was giving a woman cancer, putting a dog on the roof of a car, cutting a gay kid’s hair, baptizing a dead Jew to satisfy the demands of his so-called religion, or where he was. But we’re going to get to the bottom of it. We have an ongoing investigation. I really can’t say any more.

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A Moment With Joe Biden: Biased Moderators

[by Son of Bob]

And now, a moment with Joe Biden…

BIDEN: …ya know folks, it’s been a tough battle but we’re winning. Don’t believe these silly polls, we’re winning! And we’ve had some obstacles to overcome. Ya know, it’s no secret that in these debates the moderators are working against us. They are. You all know it. You see it. When you have to debate not just your opponent, but also a conservative moderator it’s tough. But, you saw how Barack and I have handled it. We’ve creamed ’em, despite the deck being stacked against us every time. When they ask a question and you’ve got no good answer, they don’t help you out. When a Republican starts to answer the question they help them out; they cut them right off. But, when I was asked questions in my debate or Barack was asked questions in his two debates so far, did you see the moderators helping us out, cutting us off? No, they just sat there and we had to fill that time with some nonsensical answer, when everybody knows we can’t be expected to come up with answers to these kinds of ridiculous questions…

This has been a moment with Joe Biden.

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Wisdom of the Day: Kennedy Paperwork Binders Peppers

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He’s Right – That’s What Romney Should’ve Said

[High Praise! to The Hutch]

Painful debate tonight, just because I hate hearing the candidates accepting the stupid premises of the average joes in the town hall style forum. I would have preferred that Mitt Romney say, “If business owners can really hire a woman to do the exact same work for only 72% of a man’s wages, then women is all they’d hire. They’d save a bundle. But that’s just the nonsense that you learned in college from a women’s studies professor who would be out of a job if she admitted it’s all statistical malarkey.”

The last line in the post is a good stinger, too.

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It All Hinges on Ohio for Some Reason

So there’s lots of talk of Obama starting to triage. He’s pulling out of North Carolina and maybe Florida and Virginia are next. As usual it all comes down to Ohio. Basically, for either of them, if they have Ohio, they’ve basically won it because the other states they need are less likely to flip than Ohio. And Ohio is neck and neck. Why is Ohio always so important? I don’t even know where it is. Or what they do there. But the fate of the nation on whatever live in the state that’s name sounds like an awkward greeting. I guess I should consult Harvey and find out more about the state.

If it even really exists. Cleveland is in it? I always thought that was a made up place like Narnia. Something is fishy here…

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Straight Line of the Day: Obama Gave the Weirdest Answer During the Debate…

Works like this: I feed you Moon Nukers a straight line, and you hit me with a punch line in the comments.

Obama gave the weirdest answer during the debate…

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Binders Full of Desperation

So the big issue for Democrats: binders full of women. They’ve clung to a number of distractions so far, but this is probably the least coherent. When I heard Romney use the phrase “binders full of women,” I immediately made fun of it because it was so inartful. But the Democrats contention now is that its actually offensive somehow. How… they can’t really explain. They seem to act like Romney wants to physically put women in binders… but even they know that doesn’t really make any sense. So it’s somehow offensive Romney was looking at resumes of women… because its pandering? So the party who treats women like vaginas that vote and need nothing more than some free birth control thrown at them are offending by pandering?

Anyway, have you seen the recent Gallup poll? Romney is up by 6. They are desperate. They don’t have time to be coherent. They just have to attack and attack and hope that it makes sense to someone somewhere. The 47% things was a bust. Big Bird just made them look silly. I don’t know why they think a focus on binders is going to work better for them… but no time to think! Act offended and yell and stuff!

What’s the alternative? Talk about Obama’s record over the past four years? If they even mention a serious issue like jobs, they risk just making people think of how useless Obama has been on that throughout his presidency. So binders. Big Bird. Seamus. Something about Paul Ryan washing a dish. If they were more inventive, they’d turn their random, wacky attacks on Romney into some sort of variety show.

Hey jobless claims shot up — unexpectedly! They better get more binder costumes out there and fast.

We only got a few more weeks left and it doesn’t seem it can get much dumber, but I guarantee you that if polls keep going Romney’s way we’ll look back on this binder issue as one of their intellectual high points.

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All but 240,000,000,000

The president said recently that “we got back every dime we used to rescue the financial system.”

Same day he said it, the Congressional Budget Office reported the bailout had cost $24-billion.

So, 24-billion dollars weren’t recouped. But all the dimes were.

Should’ve spent more dimes. Or fewer dollars.

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Random Thoughts: Binders Full of Women

Romney is waiting to use his moderator save until the third debate.

Wait? Some people think harping on the “binders full of women” phrase is an actual political attack and not just silly fun?

Seems nonsensical, but the left would certainly rather people focus on “binders full of women” than “these jobs aren’t coming back.”

The moderator save was inexcusable. Do left really want the moderator interrupting Obama to tell him when he’s full of crap?

I keep hearing of women getting unequal pay. Do we have actual examples to look at, or just broad figures? Heh. Broad.

For Obama to really get a comeback going, he’ll need to win a debate all by himself.

“Any success with the ladies?”
“Dude, I got binders full of women being thrown at me.”

Can we at least agree that no one came out of the Rose Garden speech with the idea that Obama thought it was a planned act of terror?

How is Obama going to give that college grad a factory job is he said they’re going to China and not coming back?

OBAMA IS GOING TO SHIP OUR COLLEGE GRADS TO CHINA!!! On the plus side, expect a $50 price drop on iPads.

“Actually, Obama did say ‘terror’ when he said, ‘Be careful to not tear or rip that invitation to my Vegas fundraiser.” #CrowleyFactCheck

Eh, you can’t get too angry at Candy Crowley. How could she resist intervening when Obama looked at her like he was beaten puppy.

“47% binders of Big Bird!” -savvy liberal helping win this presidential election

What’s the over/under on how long until the phrase “binders full of women” makes it into a rap song?

Romney sees women as nothing but resumes in binders — lists of accomplishments and skills to be evaluated on the merits.

I’m still waiting for the exact figures on how many stupid birds we gotta kill to get gas prices down.

Presidents rarely win reelection when their opponents get over 51% of the vote. #analysis

I don’t get the pro-Romney Gallup results. Didn’t those people see Biden laughing at all of Ryan’s answers?

The Gallup result is weird. With how less than useless Obama has been these past four years, he should be behind by more than that.

Obama is helping income inequality since a woman without a job earns a 100% the same as a man without a job.

I guess I’m just confused by what sort of patronizing pandering women do get upset by.

You can say the Romney surges has moved from a trot to a GALLUP. Boom! Nailed it!

Guys, remember in an election it’s not important who wins or loses just that we all have fun and hug in the end.

So when does women’s suffrage expire?

Why waste all this time pandering to women? Just offer them some chocolate if they vote for you.

The left with the binders reminds me of guy with the potatoes in Close Encounters of the 3rd Kind. “This means something. This is important.”

So are the people betting on Intrade insiders with special knowledge or just idiots gambling their money?

The “binders or women” thing is really outraging apolitical women because gaffe.

I like science, but when scientists act super sure about complex things, keep in mind they haven’t even figured out why people yawn.

They can outline what happened nanoseconds after the Big Bang, but still not exactly sure what this whole “sleep” thing is about.

I’m not saying doubt everything scientists say about quasars, but just keep a grain of salt about things you can’t personally prove.

Why are the left harping on binders instead of promoting Obama’s great record as president?

The only Twilight spinoff I might not dread with all my soul would be one of mustache dad hunting and killing sparkly vampires.

More like NewsWEAK. Amiright?

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Monkey Attack!

In Florida, a local icon – the Mystery Monkey of Tampa Bay – attacked and bit an elderly woman.

Just waiting for Democrats to claim it was part of the Romney/Ryan Medicare reform plan.

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