The 12 Rules of Bacon

[High Praise! to Freedom Is Just Another Word]

Of course, here at IMAO, there’s only one rule:

Give bacon to those who’ve earned it.

Go forth and baconize, my brethren.

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Link of the Day: The REAL Reasons Michelle Obama Is So Grouchy

[High Praise! to Nuking Politics]

If Michelle Ain’t Happy, Ain’t Nobody Happy

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He Made This

[Vimeo direct link]

Literally, it’s just a video of a guy making an ax in a blacksmith shop in Latvia.

Figuratively, it’s a man answering the calling of his soul.

Watching it made me happy.

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If Christians Reacted Like Muslims

Arik, who Moon Nukers will recognize as the guy who does a LOT of the heavy lifting in the lolbama! posts, is trying his hand at writing teh funneh over at Nuking Politics.

I was amused, and I think you will be, too. (Rated “TV14” for bodily excretions)

Redisplay of Controversial Photo Sparks Riots, Vandalism

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Mitt Romney Finally Tears Obama a New One

Although rumor has it that Dennis Miller may have helped write this (purely speculative – Dennis has neither confirmed nor denied), the fact is that Mitt’s delivery is flawless. Comedy without delivery is a painful thing to watch. This video is just a delight.

[YouTube direct link] (Viewer #128,763)

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lolbama! Part 106

Submit entries to

Meanwhile, pass ’em around, spread the love, and if you make your own, don’t be shy about dropping a link to your pics in the comments. The more, the merrier.

NOTE TO READERS: Hovering your mouse over the picture activates closed captioning for the l33t-speak/txtmsg impaired.

From Arik:

[reference link]

From Arik:

From Arik:

From Arik:

From DamnCat:

[reference link]

From Mrs C:

From NunyaB:

From Peregrine John:

[reference link]

From SineWaveII:

[reference link]

From Travelwise42:

My favorites from the submissions using last edition’s uncaptioned picture:

From SineWaveII:

From hadsil:

[reference link]

From Kris:

[reference link]

From Les of Brick Moon:

From Tanstaafl44:

This week’s uncaptioned picture for you to play with:

I’m going with hadsil, because I didn’t remember that guy saying anything during that scene. All I remember is the knight’s line afterward.

What say you?

#1: When creating lolbama! pictures, please caption with either black or white text, as colors like red and yellow tend to blur badly when I compress the images.

#2: Standard image size for these posts is 350px wide by whatever high. If you can have your images 350px wide before you caption them, I won’t end up shrinking your captions into illegibility when I re-size the images.

MAKE YOUR OWN: The free lolbuilder from I Can Has Cheezburger.

STYLE NOTE: Short captions are usually better. Your goal is 10 words or less, with humor value tending to increase exponentially as the number of words approaches 1.

Send your submissions to and – if they aren’t obscene (IMAO is a PG-13 site) and don’t suck too terribly bad – I’ll post them for you. Remember to include your name (and blog URL, if applicable) so I know who to thank.

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