A Better Job for Joe Biden

A new 8 minute video shows all 85 instances of Biden interrupting Ryan during the VP debate.

Maybe Sandra Fluke should use Joe as her birth control.

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  1. While Biden may soon (God willing) have to seek new employment…one of his current tasks as VPOTUS is to attend the funeral services of noteworthy political personages.

    With the passing of George McGovern, one has to wonder what manner of gaffes may be chambered and fired should he be permitted to ascend to the pulpit of the late Senator.

    Biden: “Oh, ol Joe McGovern was a very good friend…we spoke often by phone-almost as often as I speak with my old friend Bibi Netanyahu…Joe McGovern got a bad deal back in the 50s when he served on that committee that gave rise to his name: McGovernism…but ol’ Joe McGovern wouldn’t let people kick him around anymore…he came back in the 60s and nearly beat that demon of the Republicans, Richard Nixon. But now the great man has passed on, God love ‘im, y’know, I will miss my mentor, that Liberal Icon, Tailgunner Joe McGovern, a war hero navy pilot who fought for various peaces throughout the decades, and served with equal distinction as a congressman and nearly-successful presidential candidate on several occasions. Monsignor, please indulge me, but if I might be permitted to ask one thing of the congregation…let’s all stand up for Joe, c’mon folks, stand up for Joe!”



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