A Moment With Joe Biden: Discretion

[by Son of Bob]

And now, a moment with Joe Biden…

BIDEN: and what background does Paul Ryan have to do this job? What has he done? How can we trust this guy to not screw up? I’ve been in politics for most of my adult life. It’s not easy. I’ve overseen things in those years that you wouldn’t believe. That’s what we do. I could tell you things… for example, I could tell you how some of our special forces are currently on the ground deep inside Jordan. I could tell you about the covert operation currently underway in Iran… people working undercover at their biggest nuclear plant. Some of the things we’re doing in Russia that no one knows about… but, if any of these things were to get out it could spell big trouble, put people’s lives at risk, cause a potential war between our countries. So, how do you trust someone with this kind of information? What if he were to go out and run his mouth and talk about some of these things going on? It could be a disaster…

This has been a moment with Joe Biden.

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