Awesome! Presidential Debate Haiku

[High Praise! to Teri O’Brien]


Slobbering press fans
are thunderstruck watching it.
The One lays an egg.

Magnificent Mitt scores
as empty suit watches stunned.
Real smart guy that Mitt.

Jackass Obama
regains his voice the next day.
TelePrompTer back.

Three more at Teri O’Brien

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  1. He’s an empty chair
    The media doesn’t care
    To Mitt it’s unfair

    Though Mitt does real well
    The press loves the ne’re-do-well
    We can go to hell

    Nothing to O sticks
    With all their Media tricks
    Up to us to fix

    Vote Election Day
    Bring back the U.S. of A.
    As Jackasses bray


  2. Wow, thanks so much for posting about my haiku, Harvey, and thanks to the other posters for the terrific haikus that you wrote. And thanks, plentyobailouts, for the kind words about conservative women.


  3. Racist Right’s New Mentality: If you don’t think like them, you’re stupid!

    That is the racist right’s new mentality…actually I’m kinda late. Ever since the black man became the black man in office, I’m of course talking about Barack Obama, more than half of Americans, even the President himself, have had their intelligence insulted by the party of racist, bigots, and extremists!

    I read garbage about how Obama is not very bright….So being a graduate of Columbia University and Harvard Law School, where he was president of the Harvard Law Review is not intelligent, but spouting racist lies and fear-mongering crap to vote for Romney is?

    Yes, last week’s debate proved that Barack Obama is NOT the smartest man in America, just a man. But the racist right are treating Obama’s defeat at the hands of a lying Romney that Obama is the MOST retarded man in America…(look in the mirror please), not to mention they have reduce themselves to becoming low-life name-calling insultng the intelligence of a majority of Americans who excerised their right to vote in 2008 and created the first black President.

    But like I said many time, there is a majority of so-called “Patriots” (P.S. they are NOT nor are they EVER Patriots, just Racists. Nothing More) that can’t stand that.

    If there is such a thing as “Christian” compassion (which I doubt), I wish the Obama-haters who submit letters and responses to the Letters to the Editor section would realize that Obama has two young daughters who most likely hear the same kind of garbage and name-calling from other children whose parents think the same way. I cannot think of one other president who has endured as much defamation of character as President Obama, calling him a Marxist, Empty Suit, Communist, an America-hater out to destroy the country, a thug, foreign-born, not really our president, a liar, a Muslim who sides with and pals around with terrorists, that his ACA consists of death panels, and he’s a Hitler-wannabe, or cartoons of him as a dead ape or a pimp, or pictures of him dressed as a witch doctor.

    These lies have not resonated with rational people who know that these personal, disgusting and untruthful attacks on Obama’s character are not true, and they have not worked in turning people against our president. And Obama is our legal president.

    In a last ditch effort, the GOP has tried to suppress the Democratic vote while committing fraudulent registration themselves, favoring the Republican Party. Many of the new voter ID laws have been stopped in their tracks by the courts.

    So, since all else has failed, the new personal attack claims our president is a homosexual involved in drugs and murder. I didn’t think the Tea Party Republicans could stoop any lower than they already had, but I was wrong.

    This is so far off the wall that it is laughable. I am glad to see that such disgusting personal attacks on Obama’s character are not working, nor will they ever work.

    Hmm.. Jobless claims at 4 year low, wages up by highest amount in 5 years, unemployment lowest level since 2008, DOW above 13,000, consumer confidence up again to highest point in 4 years, foreclosures down to lowest point in 5 years. Man Obama is SUCH a failure, right?

    For example, people love to point to The President as someone who supposedly has Narcissistic Personality Disorder. For that matter, to the degree that many–most?–Republicans believe that virtually anyone suffering any misfortune has brought it on themselves (their perverse application of “personal responsibility”), lack of empathy is almost a prerequisite for membership in the GOP. Nonetheless, only a few politicians seem demonstrably off. Sorry, GOPers, Obama ain’t one of them.

    I said it once, twice, and I’ll said it till the day I die. Obama is NOT a fraud. Anyone who calls Obama a fraud is without doubt a racist!

    The real fact ISN’T that a majority of America hates Obama are ready to vote him out, just half. The REAL fact is that the right STILL…no.NEVER WILL accept the fact a Black Man is President of the United States and eliminated the most evil man in the world since Adolf Hitler.

    But there is a thousand ways to demonstrate this racist Obama Derangement syndrome and the bulk of our party has caught it. It is embarrassing to belong to the party of Lincoln lately! And that is a tragic and sad admission to make!

    The racist right got it bad…



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