God Bless This Man

[High Praise! to Parkway Rest Stop]

In fairness, I should put a hanky-alert on this. Only a monster would feel nothing from watching this video.

[YouTube direct link] (Viewer #643,550)

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  1. How could anyone see this missive and not be moved to tears? I tried it and it was a “no go”.
    Why is it that the two things that seem to bring us together are weddings and funerals?
    Think on having a ‘National Friendship Day’ of sorts, and make it strictly voluntary.

    A day that you would ‘go out and see what is out there’, unrestricted and in a way meaningful to you.
    Bless this gent now and for all his lifetime. He rates it.


  2. Liberals don’t hate Islamists, but they probably hate the guy who puts up flags for fallen soldiers…



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