I Just Got a Christmas Card From Romney!

Posted on October 9, 2012 10:00 pm

[High Praise! to Jimmy and iOwnTheWorld]

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13 Responses to “I Just Got a Christmas Card From Romney!”

  1. 4of7 says:

    Romney says, “I’m gonna need a bigger mantle piece!”

  2. Jimmy says:

    See, we don’t realize now, but Big Bird is actually a bigger ‘prize’ than Obama. Plus, he couldn’t put Obama’s head up there.

    Because it would smell.

  3. zzyzx says:

    In Libya we got a dead ambassador plus three other Americans killed and a full blown cover up of the whole situation by the Obama administration. We have a failed economic policy by his administration. We have sixteen trillion in debt and no end in sight. We have 7.8 percent unemployment and what does Obama want to talk about? F**king Big Bird. Is he and his political party completely brain dead? I think so. Anyway…if Romney really wanted to do the world a favor he’d kill Barney.

  4. seanmahair says:

    Distraction, feelings and the children. This is typical liberal bait and switch politics. Challenger doing well, lets get people to think about something else. Challenger’s going to hurt ” the children” we have to win for “the children”.

    Tell you what lefties. How about we find job for some Moms and Dads that way they can afford to spend time with their kids instead of dumping them in front of the boob tube? How about Sesame Street which does very little new with their show and is making money hand over fist,supports PBS for a change? Why are people still being asked to pay for this when it’s long ago become self supporting? And how about we hold Obama’s feet to the fire and insist he talk about real substantive issues? For a change.

  5. Matt Musson says:

    That is one way to kill a government program!

  6. Critter says:

    The AR15 is a nice touch but I think he should have gone with something classic like a Winchester Model 70 or a Holland and Holland double rifle.

  7. Writer says:

    Mmmmm, tastes like chicken.

  8. CarolyntheMommy says:

    You know, I sort of want one of those on my wall now.

    Side note: my 2 year old counts in 3 languages, understands 2 languages, speaks her native tongue and little bits of a second language. All of this without Sesame Street (which she’s not allowed to watch as they have a character with an intentional speech problem and I don’t want her to pick it up). So there. Suck on that, President “We need PBS for the kids”.

  9. DamnCat says:

    7. Writer says:
    Mmmmm, tastes like chicken.

    No – more like pork.

  10. tomg51 says:

    For taxidermy help, Mitt should enlist Chuck Testa

  11. zzyzx says:

    Wanted by PETA dead or alive.

  12. seanmahair says:

    Big Bird roasting over an open fire,
    Hot sauce dripping from his toes.

    My apologies to the Chipmunks about whom this parody was created.

  13. NOGOP says:

    My contribution to the Obama campaign did more then the Koch Brothers and Sheldon Adelson could do and my prize possession this year was the Obama family holiday card. So suck it you loosers lost.

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