Link of the Day: Questions Liberals Can’t Answer

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Why does our government punish success and reward failure? Can you imagine a successful casino comping the penny slot players and ignoring the high-stakes craps table? The idea is absurd. Can you imagine that parents would be successful in raising well-behaved civilized and productive adults if they punished the child who makes good grades by loading him down with extra chores, while rewarding the child who gets bad grades by granting him extra video-game time?

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  1. Why does our media deride someone who was very successful at:
    -Running real businesses, and making the tough decisions which that requires;
    -Organizing and co-ordinating all the efforts and details needed to bring the world to America for the Olympic Games;
    -Governing a state which has a voter registration heavily in favor of the other political party.
    A man who has NOT spent millions of dollars hiding his school records, transcripts, thesis, etc. from the American people.

    Why DO they vehemently support a man who was successful ( ? – no data available) as:
    -Community Organizer

    If they think the national debt will be paid off by door to door contributions, or a bake sale…they have probably picked the right man for the job, and therefore, our future is safe going FORWARD!*

    *If you do believe that: “FORE”…You’re in danger of getting smacked in the head !


  2. This is exactly the problem with the current system, your analogy is perfectly accurate. Our system *is* a casino, where the majority of people are left with less than what they came in with, while a few already wealthy people play games and profit from the incredibly tall odds and high stakes. The stock market, far from being an impartial decider of the worth of people’s labor or the integrity of a given company, is a massive casino dominated by rumor. And like a casino, the only way to make money is if you’ve already got more of it than you know what to do with. Instead of cards, the financial elite have derivatives. Instead of chips, they play with people’s mortgages. And above it all is the heinous yet widely-bought lie that anybody can make it big, anyone can be a high-roller, and the ugly truth that the house always wins.


  3. @ Colin, my analogy is perfectly accurate, but you completely misinterpreted it. The house in this analogy is the government, and they’re not winning, they’re losing! They’re losing because they’re so incredibly incompetent. They’re driving away the high-rollers and guess what? The penny-slot profits are not going to be able to pay the bills. As for the rest of what you said, especially concerning the rumor driven stock market. If you’re a losing day-trader you deserve what you get. Winners pick a horse and let it run, insteading of trying to hop from horse to horse to horse. Regarding derivatives, I don’t know enough to comment, except to say that if we never bail another bank or auto company out that will suit me just fine. By the way that opinion holds true for cities like Detroit and even states like California. Unions killed Detroit and they will do for California too. Let the union parasites kill-off their fleabag of a host and maybe for once learn a lesson. No bailouts!



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