Link of the Day: This Is How Strong Nations Fall

[High Praise! to Traction Control and Daily Pundit]

How We Became A Nation of Cowards and Mad Men


The final bit of this puzzle is the nature of liberalism/leftism itself. It is founded on an essential lie – that government can create something from nothing, and do so perpetually. Liberalism is the supposedly less virulent form of its crystallizing notion, Marxism, which has never worked in any real application of it, and, absent some sort of technological culture of abundance driven by artificial intelligences capable of modeling universes on an atomic level, probably never will. Yet folks continue to believe in it, despite its perfect record of failure. Why? Because they want to believe that you really can get something for nothing, that there really is such a thing as a free lunch, and maybe if they just return to the communist catechism one more time, that will finally, finally, do the trick, open the magical Marxist cornucopia, and flood them with all their dreams come true.

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