Obama’s Right: Romney Doesn’t Want to Take Us Forward

[High Praise! to Patriot Post]

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  1. Oh, gosh, Carolyn. ♥♥

    (Those often substitute as alternate BACON! symbols.)

    Mitt Romney resting by an open fire,
    Big Bird handing on the wall,
    All is well in this land that we love,
    Merry Christmas, to all!


  2. Someone said Mitt wants to take us back to the 50’s. I’d go for that. Just think of the nonsense we wouldn’t have to deal with and if we could relive the 60’s think of all the hippie punching we could do. We might even be able to keep them from making any impact at all and we could arrest Ayres and Dornan before they did their terrorism thing.

    Sign me up, I’ll go.


  3. maybe romney needs to campaign in a delorean so he can take us back to the future. i have one in the garage i’ll loan him for the duration.



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