Pity John Kerry

John Kerry said of playing Mitt Romney in Obama’s debate practices, “I’ve decided next Tuesday I’ve got to have an exorcism of Romney out of my being.”

Won’t help, John. Once he’s in there, Mitt will be seared… SEARED into your memory.

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  1. Clearly John Kerry sucks at debating (much like everything else he attempts), because after sparring with Captain Swift Boat Obama got his butt kicked when he stepped into the ring with the real Romney.


  2. If an exorcism were performed on Mr. Kerry, faced with three choices the Holy Spirit would probably go after the demon of Herman Munster in him first and then the demon of Theresa Heinz Ketchup second before high fiving the presence of Mitt Romney and departing.


  3. 5of7 says: “He that marries for money will earn it” – An American Proverb

    John Kerry is the “American Gigilo” of politics. He makes his money boffing the Ketchup Widow and from boffing the American people.


  4. From The Office Of The Archbishop
    Diocese of Boston
    Boston, MA

    To: All Auxilliary Bishops, Monsignors, Prelates in Sacerdotal Duties

    Re: Exorcism of Sen. John Forbes Kerry

    CC: Diocese of Springfield, MA; Holy See, Vatican City

    It has come to the attention of His Eminence that the Senator may entreat to seek relief from what he may feel is an overwhelming spiritual oppression which he attributes to possession by “demonic forces” after having portrayed Governor Mitt Romney in debate preparation for the current President.

    His Eminence wishes to underscore the following: 1) The Senator maintains his support for abortion–the Church opposes it–therefore the Senator is an Apostate/Excommunicant.
    2) The Church no longer is in the practice of performing Exorcisms.
    3) The Church makes no comment concerning the portrayal of non-Catholics so long as said portrayal does not denigrate. We choose to
    reserve comment on the Senator’s portrayal of himself.
    4) It is the opinion of The Diocese that the Senator be encouraged to re-examine his current spiritual state from the position of a Penitent.
    5) Tickets are still available for the Boston College, Holy Cross, and Notre Dame football season.

    Extra Ecclesiam Nulla Salvus



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