Random Thoughts: 2nd Presidential Debate 2012

Has anyone ever explored the possibility that Kos is some sort of false flag long con by Republicans?

So is Obama currently in “wear a flag pin” or “I’m too cool for a flag pin” mode?

“Looks like a group of crows.”
“No. It looks like…” ::puts on sunglasses:: “…a murder!”

So is anything being done is this debate to block the Koch brothers mind control rays that caused Obama to lose the first one?

Obama giving his all tonight. If he’s going to be an empty chair, he’s going to be one of those $3000 massage chairs from Brookstone.

What are you headlining your “Obama Makes a Comeback!” story?

Obama is going to be so energized tonight he’s going to be an electric chair.

No matter the question, bring it to Big Bird. #ObamaDebateAdvice

If you think you made a good point, emphasize it by dancing Gangnam style. #ObamaDebateAdvice

Make Romney look stupid by pretending to never have heard of any country called “Libya.” #ObamaDebateAdvice

Keep mentioning that Romney is rich and you’re not quite as rich. #ObamaDebateAdvice

How does one get paid to be a shill and how much money is it and how shilly do I have to be?

Good line for Obama: “Libya? I barely even know ya!” #ObamaDebateAdvice

I used to live in a swing state. It was nice to feel important.

To psyche out Obama, Romney is going to have Paul Ryan and his close friend Math sitting in the front row glaring at the president.

Remember in school when we had to constantly write papers with bibliographies in them? What the hell was that about?

For those wasting their time in school, you don’t need to know proper grammar to be a professional writer. That’s what editors are for.

Still find it hilarious how often the response to “Obama’s been a bad president” is “GOP blocked him.” HE HAD A MAJORITY FOR TWO YEARS!

And do they think the Republicans are going to disappear in the next term?

If Romney also wins the debate tonight I’m going to call him a “master debater” because it sounds like “masturbater.” Ha!

I wonder if Obama knows of any substance he could take that would make him more energetic.

My goal for the night is to avoid making any jokes about how the moderator isn’t quite a waif. I’ll still make fun of her name.

Obama: “I thought it was Bush who foiled me these past four years… but the one behind it all was Romney!”

I kill five birds every time I start up my car. Who cares. There has to be like hundreds of them.

Verge of collapse = cheap gas?

We’re going to power our cars with wind? Like in the next year? Or are we stuck with these horrible gas prices?

The secret to low gas prices is to get the economy to the verge of collapse and keep it there.

Not sure what I think of Romney getting too aggressive with the (current) POTUS.

Going after the rich again. Hit him with math, Romney! Hit him with math!


Obama never mentioned he came in during tough times before.

Let’s just get rid of moderators.

I think the reason less people are coming here for work isn’t just increased border security. Maybe same reason others can’t find work.

Don’t remind people that John McCain beat you.

Obama couldn’t secure Benghazi because that would mean less security in Iceland.

Why were we all talking about a YouTube video if Obama was clear it was an act of terror the next day?

Obama waited to bring up 47% until Romney couldn’t respond. How brave.

So Obama said “terror” somewhere in the vicinity of Libya the day after, but for weeks afterwards he was like, “Duh, YouTubes!”

Anyway, don’t know who independents will say won that, but I don’t see this stopping Romney’s momentum.

Is it too late to get a movie out before the election about a serial killer who puts women in binders?

Andrew Sullivan is so thrilled he’s reopening his investigation of Sarah Palin’s womb as soon as he finds his deerstalker.

Obama wasn’t doing that great until he touched rings with Candy and said, “Wonder Twins power activate!”

What Romney should have said about Obama on Libya: “That isn’t what you told Whoopi Goldberg on The View.”

Is Obama suggesting he’ll revive the “assault weapons” ban news? Didn’t do wonders for Clinton, and we’re even more pro-gun now.

I’m hearing reports they found an Earth-sized planet orbiting the nearest star; isn’t that called Earth (or Venus)?

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  1. Hey, Candy did what she had to. Romney was going after Obama with such savage aggressiveness. Doesn’t he understand Obama’s just a child? You can’t gi after children like that – it hurts their self esteem.


  2. “My goal for the night is to avoid making any jokes about how the moderator isn’t quite a waif. I’ll still make fun of her name.”

    One must feel sorry for any “blind dates” that might have encountered her throughout the years. I’m sure when they were walking into the restaurant to meet “Candy” they had a very different visual.



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