Random Thoughts: Binders Full of Women

Romney is waiting to use his moderator save until the third debate.

Wait? Some people think harping on the “binders full of women” phrase is an actual political attack and not just silly fun?

Seems nonsensical, but the left would certainly rather people focus on “binders full of women” than “these jobs aren’t coming back.”

The moderator save was inexcusable. Do left really want the moderator interrupting Obama to tell him when he’s full of crap?

I keep hearing of women getting unequal pay. Do we have actual examples to look at, or just broad figures? Heh. Broad.

For Obama to really get a comeback going, he’ll need to win a debate all by himself.

“Any success with the ladies?”
“Dude, I got binders full of women being thrown at me.”

Can we at least agree that no one came out of the Rose Garden speech with the idea that Obama thought it was a planned act of terror?

How is Obama going to give that college grad a factory job is he said they’re going to China and not coming back?

OBAMA IS GOING TO SHIP OUR COLLEGE GRADS TO CHINA!!! On the plus side, expect a $50 price drop on iPads.

“Actually, Obama did say ‘terror’ when he said, ‘Be careful to not tear or rip that invitation to my Vegas fundraiser.” #CrowleyFactCheck

Eh, you can’t get too angry at Candy Crowley. How could she resist intervening when Obama looked at her like he was beaten puppy.

“47% binders of Big Bird!” -savvy liberal helping win this presidential election

What’s the over/under on how long until the phrase “binders full of women” makes it into a rap song?

Romney sees women as nothing but resumes in binders — lists of accomplishments and skills to be evaluated on the merits.

I’m still waiting for the exact figures on how many stupid birds we gotta kill to get gas prices down.

Presidents rarely win reelection when their opponents get over 51% of the vote. #analysis

I don’t get the pro-Romney Gallup results. Didn’t those people see Biden laughing at all of Ryan’s answers?

The Gallup result is weird. With how less than useless Obama has been these past four years, he should be behind by more than that.

Obama is helping income inequality since a woman without a job earns a 100% the same as a man without a job.

I guess I’m just confused by what sort of patronizing pandering women do get upset by.

You can say the Romney surges has moved from a trot to a GALLUP. Boom! Nailed it!

Guys, remember in an election it’s not important who wins or loses just that we all have fun and hug in the end.

So when does women’s suffrage expire?

Why waste all this time pandering to women? Just offer them some chocolate if they vote for you.

The left with the binders reminds me of guy with the potatoes in Close Encounters of the 3rd Kind. “This means something. This is important.”

So are the people betting on Intrade insiders with special knowledge or just idiots gambling their money?

The “binders or women” thing is really outraging apolitical women because gaffe.

I like science, but when scientists act super sure about complex things, keep in mind they haven’t even figured out why people yawn.

They can outline what happened nanoseconds after the Big Bang, but still not exactly sure what this whole “sleep” thing is about.

I’m not saying doubt everything scientists say about quasars, but just keep a grain of salt about things you can’t personally prove.

Why are the left harping on binders instead of promoting Obama’s great record as president?

The only Twilight spinoff I might not dread with all my soul would be one of mustache dad hunting and killing sparkly vampires.

More like NewsWEAK. Amiright?

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  1. “Binders full of women” is a good distraction.

    I mean, what would you rather look at?

    Romney’s binders full of women?


    Obama’s binders full of red ink?


  2. I also meant to say that this list of random thoughts is one of the best ever. I’m printing it out for my binders full of Frank J.


  3. Other binders Obama is keeping:

    * Binders of golf courses
    * Binders of deficit spending
    * Binders of the unemployed
    * Binders of foreign leaders he’s bowed to
    * Binders of foreign campaign contributors
    * Binders of Obamacare exemptions
    * Binders of Islamist ‘friends’


  4. “The Gallup result is weird. With how less than useless Obama has been these past four years, he should be behind by more than that.”

    It’s maddening. There can’t really be twenty people in the country that really believe this loser is doing a good job, or that Romney will do worse, yet tens of millions of them will vote for him again because he’s ‘black’.


  5. Crowley: “Actually, Governor, women can’t technically fit in a binder.”
    Romney: “Some women can, Candy.”



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