Random Thoughts: Disney Star Wars!!!

Because of global warming, in the future we’ll get hurricanes every other day and squirrels will be the size of trucks.

Was expecting a new How I Met Your Mother Monday night, but it was switched to a rerun. So we’re not unaffected by the storm in Idaho.

If lots of people were talking about President Bloomberg, ever more people would be talking about a military coup.

With polling suspended, how are we going to know who will win one week from now?

“We have angered the climate and it is now punishing us for our sins of fossil fuel burning and gay marriage!”

New genius idea: Set it up that if someone calls your phone, it just makes them dictate a text to you.

We must make a sacrifice of our economy to appease Mother Earth so she doesn’t punish us with global warming and its hurricanes.

The anti-science people are a bunch of idiots spouting off about what they don’t understand. The pro-science people even more so.

If being pro-science means I get lectured by pea-brains how one hurricane is definitive proof of global warming, count me as anti-science.

New genius idea: A gun that shoots and kills hurricanes.

Chris Christie: “I’m postponing Halloween. And since you don’t want your candy to spoil, just give it all to me. NOW!”

They barely even noticed hurricanes in the olden days since there was no electricity to knock out.

Anyone want to speculate on what the polls would be if they released them?

Hey, journalists, we’ll lay off you if you just speak the obvious truth, “We’re very liberal and of course it affects our coverage.”

Presidential ticket idea: Bloomberg riding Chris Christie like Master Blaster.

A new Star Wars film from Disney? Tell me George Lucas will barely be involved and I might be excited.

So a Marvel/Star Wars/Donald Duck crossover is theoretically possible now, right?

Star Wars is a great property and some really good movies could be made from it — as long as George Lucas can just let it go.

Buttercup will turn 5 in 2015; don’t know if she’ll be old enough for Star Wars yet.

I wonder how they got to the $4.05 billion figure to buy Lucasfilm.
“We’ll offer you $4 billion.”
“Nah… that’s not enough.”

They’re planning to put out a live action Star Wars film every few years. That’s actually what I was hoping would eventually happen.

It looks like George Lucas is finally handing off Star Wars movies. This is a good thing.

Oh yeah. There were some other live action Star Wars movies: The Ewok movies. AND THEY WERE AWESOME!!!

My hope is Star Wars will be like the James Bond franchise. Some will be good; some bad. But they’ll keep it coming.

At least this Star Wars news has reminded us once again that there are things much more important than elections.

I just don’t see much possibility Disney could do worse than the prequels. Have Nate Silver run the numbers on that.

Know who might direct a good Star Wars film? Brad Bird.

Little late, but first tweet on the Disney acquisition of Star Wars should have been, “I have a bad feeling about this…”

LUCAS: “$4 billion if you want me to do another Star Wars movie.”
DISNEY: “How much for you not to do one?”
LUCAS: “You couldn’t afford it.”

I asked Twitter if I could get a blue check mark, but they told me no one cares if I’m really me. Hurts because it’s true.

If GOP doesn’t take the Senate this year, do they have another good shot in 2014 (6 years after Dem gains in 2008)?

Hot Air is my favorite political blog, but the video ads that start playing a few minutes after you’ve been to the site make me want to murder it.

Polls prove it pretty well that Obama is a shoe in for reelection if only Democrats show up on Nov. 6th to vote.

Maybe Disney will surprise us and make a Star Wars that is a hard R that would make even the producers of Game of Thrones blush.

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  1. I’m still processing this Disney bought Star Wars thing. It could be good or it could be really bad. But I have a hard time believing it could be as bad as what Lucas might do with another three movies (which apparently he had been planning according to some reports yesterday).

    Maybe that is why Disney bought it. To save us ull from Lucas.


  2. Hot Air is my favorite political blog, but the video ads that start playing a few minutes after you’ve been to the site make me want to murder it.

    I will gladly conspire with you, Frank J. They are especially murder-provoking when using a smartphone.

    While we’ve been distracted by the annoyance of clamshell packaging, those pop-up banners have been taking over as the Abomination of Desolation, a.k.a., the spawn of Satan.


  3. My hope is Star Wars will be like the James Bond franchise. Some will be good; some bad. But they’ll keep it coming.

    I’d like it to be more like the James Bond movies, as well. Ursula Andress, Daniela Bianchi, etc.!! Much better than Carrie Fisher.


  4. Hey-oh, Frank, I should have pointed out that you can avoid the annoying banners by using a Javascript blocker. I use No Script for FF. At any rate, I think Javascript from townhall.com is the culprit. It doesn’t come from Hotair itself. There’s prolly a way to block just that domain if you don’t feel like using an addon.

    But I still have to navigate all over the place when they pop up on my smartphone.


  5. Buttercup will be just the right age for the next star wars installment: Star Wars Disney Princesses. Brace yourself for the inevitable. The JarJar tie in character is bound to be her favorite. MeeSo KnowSo.



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