Random Thoughts: First Class Thoughts

Your breakfast coffee is the most important coffee of the day.

Man am I excited to see what kind of Obama we’ll get in the next debate.

Flying United and had to check my bag. I thought you get one carry on but apparently the rule said “maybe” one carry on.

Hard to go back from first class to economy, from “we really appreciate your business” to “just feel lucky we let you on the plane.”

The new V8 ad would be really effective if the tag line was “Buy a V8 and we’ll punch this guy in the face.”

A good strategy for Obama in the debate is that when Romney is speaking, he should drop the floor, pound the ground, and scream, “Shut up!”

We used to be able to put a man on the moon. Now if we want to get down from space, we have to jump.

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  1. Frank, you should have known that when you barge into first class like that, they tend to get upset and kick you out.


  2. I was traveling too.
    Left Tennessee Friday morning, Arrived in North Dakota 19 hours later.
    Celebrated Mom’s 90th birthday with the family, then drove back to Tennessee for work on Monday.
    2,370.8 miles, $266 for a rental car (unlimited mileage), 2 quarts of black coffee, 2 20oz Mountain Dews, and 3 5 Hour Energy drinks.
    It was worth it to avoid being frisked by the TSA.



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