Random Thoughts: Gallup Takes a Swing at Obama

Obama has canceled all campaign stops today out of fear of Tagg Romney.

A +7 lead for Romney seems like a lot, but remember that Obama was president the past four years and everyone knows that.

Hopefully Tagg’s blood lust will be satisfied as that poll was even better than a punch to the face.

Obama: “If Romney has his way, we’ll all end up in his binders of qualified applicants he’s looking at for a job.”

What is everyone freaking out about? Obama said four dead is NOT optimal. He didn’t say it IS optimal.

Maybe the request for more security at Benghazi came in a binder and thus Obama wanted nothing to do with it.

Romney is +4 in Pennsylvania? So what do we want to talk about next now that the election is over?

Having installed a number of blinds in my day, I can not rave enough about http://Blinds.com . Perfect fits and not expensive.

How do you get to be the president’s comedy writer? I want that job.

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  1. “How do you get to be the president’s comedy writer?”

    Work your way up the comedy ladder. Start out as the White House Budget Director.

    [Heh. You get high praise for that one. -Ed.]



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