Random Thoughts: Give a Fish

Buttercup responding to a “No” from SarahK: “I’m not asking you.” I think we’re in trouble…

So was refusing to send help to the consulate in Benghazi a gutsy call?

Why do Republicans want to cut funding for Planned Parenthood which gives women an equal number of mammograms and unicorn rides?

Polling makes it seem pretty certain Romney is going to win the popular vote, but it would be nice to see him ahead in one poll in OH.

I don’t get why the wristwatch was ever invented. Is there really a market for people too lazy to check their cellphone for what time it is?

The human brain should really come with a warning that its logic functions are still in beta.

Your vote matters… if “matters” is shorthand for “being composed of matter.” So electronic voting doesn’t matter.

So what do we make of it that the Democrats think getting as many ill-informed people to the polls as possible helps them?

The easiest way to get a coin to land on its side is when its in the air have Dick Morris predict “heads” and Bob Shrum predict “tails.”

With all his changing positions, we can’t be certain who Romney is beyond that he’ll be much more competent than Obama.

I believe voting should take a minimal effort because the survival of our country requires the disenfranchisement of the exceptionally lazy.

Give a man a fish, and you feed a man for a day. Teach a man to fish, and he’ll stop voting for Democrats.

According to Nate Silver, if you see it announced on Nov. 6th that Romney has won, Occam’s Razor says you got drunk and imagined it.

Is there a clearer sign of a hack than someone loudly asserting his objectivity?

So has anyone found a person who voted for McCain in ’08 and is voting for Obama this year?

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