Random Thoughts: Numbers and Polls

Obama: “Corpse man no have bayonets!”

So what spending cuts are Obama proposing? Only thing I’ve seen so far are a couple million for vouchers for DC schoolchildren.

We need more polls. We shouldn’t have to go an hour without new polls.

The polls don’t have to be accurate. Someone can just make up numbers. I’m pretty sure half of them do that already.

So why is Obama crashing so hard inTrade today? Or am I trying to bring sense to nonsense?

Waited a little long, but I just purchased my tickets for the RiffTrax Live Birdemic on Thursday. If you haven’t seen Birdemic, it’s one of the funniest movies ever… completely unintentionally. Gives The Room a run for its money.

Now my iPad 3 isn’t only cracked; it’s outdated. This is worst possible thing that could ever happen to anyone.

At least we all agree it’s called the “iPad 3” and not the “new iPad” as Apple tried to brand it for the short time it was new.

Wait? I own the URL BombFrance.com ? Guess I should hold it in case it becomes relevant.

According to poll calculations at my EightThirtyFive site, I’m changing Romney’s odds at winning from “certain” to “SUPER DOUBLE CERTAIN!”

If Obama was a coke dealer, I doubt he paid taxes on his profit. Hypocrite.

Do they at least have to be exact with the names on the kill list? There’s not “Bob Something” on there, right?

The left would calm down about Obama’s kill list if he assured them that most of them were unborn babies.

If you still think Obama is inevitable, today is the day to make a bundle on Intrade.

The choice for Iron Man 3 was to go darker or put nipples on his breastplate. They chose wisely.

So what’s the left saying now? Children born of rape are hated by God and should be executed?

When did the left start caring what God thinks?

So why would Obama lie to us about a video if he knew it was al Qaeda? I know there is evidence to that effect, but it seems really stupid.

Good news, everyone! Ohio is now close enough for us in the GOP to convincingly steal it. Muh ha ha ha!

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  1. Dear Mr. J. Flemming
    My religious organization is very interested in acquiring your BombFrance.com URL. We are a small congregation so we can’t make a large offer. I see that you are interested in firearms – perhaps we could trade for something? I believe we have some spare RPGs in the Mosque basement.

    Also, if you happen to own BombAmerica.com or BombJoos.com we’d be very interested in those too.

    Imam Iza Baadman
    Director, Mosque of Eternal Peace


  2. Jim Hoft at GatewayPundit.com posts this:

    ** White House officials watched the terror strike live by unmanned Predator drone
    ** White House knew Al-Qaeda linked group was behind terror strike at 6:07 PM EST on 9-11
    ** US Troops in Italy were not called in to rescue officials
    ** 200 attacks in Benghazi before 9-11
    ** The Obama Administration was concerned using troops from Italy would violate Libyan sovereignty


  3. “Do they at least have to be exact with the names on the kill list? There’s not “Bob Something” on there, right?”

    No..just a lot of spaces labeled “A Republican to be named later”.


  4. My own random thoughts:

    Isn’t it customary for the new president to hand the outgoing president a blanket pardon?

    Isn’t a bill just started to seal the ocrapo government records for the last four years?

    Pardon me . I don’t just want him gone. I want him prosecuted and jailed for every bit of crime he has been involved in, then turned over to the Mexicans for his part in fast and furious. In case you think I’m racist, I’m taking about his white half. I don’t care what you do to his black half.


  5. Actually Obama has another entertaining talent: he can channel Joel Chandler Harris’s Br’er Rabbit when campaigning or speaking to “crowds of color”.

    Obama: “Y’know, Guvnuh Romney, I thinks he be suff’rin’ frum a bad case uv de Romnesia…hyuck hyuck hyuck! De ay-tees dun callt Guvnuh Romney an’ dey be a-wantin’ dey forr-in polly-see back! Hyuck, hyuck, hyuck!”

    It’s not a “ghetto” tone Obama affects…it’s straight out of Uncle Remus!


  6. spacemonkey says:
    October 24th, 2012 at 1:44 pm

    Is a blanket pardon real?
    What if we disciovered the outgoing PRESidENT is a serial killer? And the Lincoln bedroom is full of his victim’s bayonetted and horse trampled corpses?

    Da__ed if I know. How many ex-pres have been sued, arrested or otherwise legally molested after their term was over?


  7. Perhaps legally molested was not the term I was looking for. Maybe legally interfered with. No, not that either. Can’t think of the word I want possibly because it hasn’t happen to any prior president, not even Jimmy Carter



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